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Provenonce Raises $4.4 Million to Enable VR Creators to Reach a Larger Audience

Provenonce, the leading NFT Oasis creator company, has reportedly raised a total of $4.4 million to help virtual reality creators reach the masses via multiple art galleries around the world.

In order to achieve the goal, Provenonce has created a unique gathering place in virtual reality that would serve as a hub for VR content creators and artists. It also features a stunning art gallery based in the clouds that will showcase the artistic creations of over 200 musicians and artists. The gallery has already started functioning since April 2021. As soon as it debuted, the gallery has held awe-inspiring events in virtual environments and has streamed the exhibits to the real world. Now, aided with the new NFT Oasis platform, the creators are expected to reach a larger audience and successfully grab the attention of the masses.

Decentralized creator economy

The NFT Oasis is a platform developed by Provenonce that empowers decentralized creator economy. Founded in March 2021, this platform efficiently combines virtual reality (VR). Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and decentralized finances (DeFi) in such an ecosystem that allows creators more freedom as well as business control, and ensures financial success.

Bridge to the metaverse

In the context of artistic creations, VR adoptions is still in its nascent stages. The artists engaged in VR experience can broadcast their art outside virtual reality only through social media. To boost the environment in favor of the artists, Provenonce deems the brand-new platform to serve as a bridge to the metaverse, a universe of different virtual worlds that are well interconnected.

Change the world

Will O’Brien, CEO of Provenonce, has been a notable figure in the domain of VR technology. Previously, he worked at firms like Big Fish Games. In a recent social media release, O’Brien stated that he had already retired from the industry, but felt compelled to come back to contribute in this momentous opportunity in the history of games business.  According to him, this is the right time to radically disrupt the industry that had been systemically exploitative to creators and thus, change the world. He stated that the company has optimistic visions to launch a uniquely abundant and decentralized creator economy. To this end, VR would serve as the stage while NFTs would be the wedge and blockchains would provide the infrastructure of the reality they aim to achieve. The goal, says O’Brien, is to create a custom virtual world where artists can showcase their art. The platform will reportedly feature an array of creations, including live performances, exhibitions, art walks, even fireside chats, and so on. All these will hopefully contribute to grow the cultural relevance of artists as well as their economic opportunity.

Establish a base

To realize the goal, Provenonce has reportedly raised funding from 32 individuals, offices, families, and funds in the United States, the Middle east, Europe, and Asia. Some of the major contributors of this project are Brad Stephens, managing partner at Blockchain Capital, ID Theory, Koji Capital, and Lemniscap. This influential and diverse group of investors are expected to establish a strategic base that connects art with innovators in the space of DeFi and NFTs.

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