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Progressive’s St. Louis Boat and Sport Show to feature Commerce’s VR feature

A virtual reality (VR) display comprising of some of the most popular features in the Twin Lakes Area, was put up recently to aid the Mountain Home Area Chamber of Commerce to grab the winner’s medal for Best Booth Display.

Mountain Home Area Chamber of Commerce was the winner of the award recently at the Progressive’s St. Louis Boat and Sport Show. The show featured more than 170 booths. The centrepiece of the show exhibit produced by the Chamber included a virtual reality movie displaying local activities.

Jeff Pipkin, President, and CEO of Chamber remarked that the response received for the development was quite positive. According to him, the brand received many comments on the quality of the VR feature.

The duration of the virtual reality movie is 3 minutes and 55 seconds, and it offers visuals of popular Twin Lakes Area attractions and activities, including casual boating and fishing. In the video, viewers can get a view of the Norfork Dam, Norfolk Lake, and the White River. Viewers can also get a helicopter birds-eye view of the entire area, including the Arkansas State University-Mountain Home campus. Another visual exhibits a teen diving off a boat on the lake.

Viewers of the exhibit had to put on Oculus Go virtual reality (VR) headsets to experience the visuals. A 360-degree view is also offered to the viewers, enabling the participants to observe their surroundings in all directions. It is a fully immersive experience for the eyes of the show viewers.

President and CEO Jeff Pipkin, Executive Vice President Angela Broome and Membership and Sales Director Erric Totty

Angela Broome, Executive Vice President of Chamber, explained that the show needs to be observed multiple times by viewers, to process the experience adequately.

According to Pipkin, the results were quite impressive and brought a lot of interested viewers.

Broome revealed that the number of visitors who queued up to observe the film was not counted during the trade show, although estimates went over in many hundreds. During the show, upwards of 600 relocation and vacation guides were distributed to the guests, many of whom watched a VR demonstration for the first time.

A QR code feature within the guide enables users to view the film of Chamber several times on their phones via the app. Users can move their phone around to encounter varieties of the 360-degree experience.

Pipkin added that many people were cautious regarding watching the video but grew into it gradually. Many viewers were bewildered by the experience, prompting their family members to reduce their hesitance.
The exhibit can welcome up to six viewers simultaneously. Participants of the show will be able to sit inside a BassCat shell, which is a donation made for the exhibit to Chamber. Three more viewers are able to sit on elongated tools placed at the front of the boat shell.

Pipkin remarked that the number of elderly people who showed up to the event and wanted to undergo the experience was impressive. He revealed that both adults and children liked the boat seats. The VR feature will be available in the near future for Chamber’s viewers.


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