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PrecisionOS Is Making Medical Training More Accessible for Doctors and Medical Professionals Struggling with Limited Resources

A new VR training app enables surgeons and other medical professionals from low-resource countries to practice surgical procedures before heading into actual surgery.

PrecisionOS, a renowned VR technology company, is reportedly developing a new VR practice training module dedicated to surgeons and OR technicians located in countries with limited resources and infrastructure. This cutting-edge VR training module will let doctors practice surgical procedures within a virtual environment so that they are prepared for crucial surgeries on real human beings. For the said project, PrecisionOS is partnering with Oculus and Epic Games MegaGrant, two leading VR companies of today’s time.


Although several other VR surgery training applications are already available on the market, this particular project has gained attention for its philanthropic value. It is being specifically designed for the non-profit global humanitarian organization SIGN Fracture Care, which comprises doctors specializing in orthopedic surgeries based in remote countries with limited resources. With this VR training module, these professionals will have hassle-free access to critical medical training that could dramatically improve the condition of healthcare in those countries.

Care Collaboration

The sole purpose of this VR training module, as described by its developers, is to improve the patient outcome for those suffering from severe bone injuries and fractures, and help them get the best possible treatment. To this end, PrecisionOS is set to combine their innovative VR training technology with the analog surgical approach followed by SIGN Fracture Care. As a result, surgeons are expected to have access to high-end critical care training for orthopedic procedures that is both effective and efficient. It will give them adequate knowledge and information to help patients with bone fractures and injuries give the necessary care, despite being located in some of the poorest regions in the world.

Global Results

PresicionOS offers immersive training to various medical institutions, MedTech companies, and professional communities. This innovative VR training module, like their other products, will allow surgeons from low-resource areas to practice the surgical procedure virtually before performing actual surgeries on patients. It is expected to deliver care to over 350,000 ailing patients globally.

Faster Training

Priorly, surgeons affiliated with SIGN Fracture Care would have to fly to another country to get the necessary training for performing the surgeries. However, once they get their hands on this unique technology, it would dramatically cut back both the time and money required for the training process. Understandably, it would be ushering a new era of more sustainable healthcare by practically eliminating the need for physical travel.

Community Care

Lewis Zirkle. M.D., President and Founder of SIGN Fracture Care stated in the official press release that once functional, this VR training module will make educating local doctors to render care or patients within their community is a significant step towards building much-needed healthcare infrastructure in low-resource countries. He also said that it would eventually improve the quality of life and extend the longevity of patients from struggling communities.

Epic Games MegaGrant provided the financial support for this project, while Facebook donated their Oculus Quest headsets to make PrecisionOs’s VR training module accessible for the SIGN Fracture Care’s surgeons.


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