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Popular VR Game “Blade and Sorcery” Now Features the Power of Ten Rings from Shang Chi

The new mod in Blade and Sorcery harnesses the power of Shang Chi and his unique power from the Ten Rings.

Shang Chi and the legend of the Ten Rings
The new Marvel movie Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings hit the theatres just a few days back. So far, the movie has received nothing but roaring praise from the audience. Fans have absolutely loved the latest edition from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and visibly are drooling over the cool martial arts skill of the titular Shang Chi.

Harness the power
Thanks to the popular VR video game Blade and Sorcery, the same unique powers of Shang Chi are now available to be harnessed. Since its launch, Blade and Sorcery have been one of the most loved medieval fantasy sandbox VR games that accommodates amazing mods. The built-for-VR game is a full physics-driven melee featuring ranged and magic combats. In this game, players can take the role of a ranger, sorcerer, or warrior and use incredible mystical and unarmed combat powers to devastate their enemies.

As part of its ever-growing collection of mods, Blade and Sorcery has recently announced that the game will now feature the power of the Ten Rings inspired by the MCU’s latest edition Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. The movie follows the quest of Shang Chi, a master of martial art combat, who is dragged into an unforeseen battle with a shadowy, mystical organisation founded by his father and thereafter, forced to confront his conflicted past.

The Ten Rings
Over the course of his fateful quest, Shang Chi comes across the Ten Rings, who claims to be the guardians and protectors of ten mystical bracelets or Ten Rings that grants its wielder the power to control the elemental forces. Complementing the unarmed martial art combat skills, the rings make their owner practically invincible and enhance their battle skills.

Become powerful
Among all the mystical abilities and weapons featured in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the powers of the Ten Rings are undoubtedly one of the most mysterious as well as powerful introduced to the audience so far. If you too have been thrilled by its abilities, here is good news for you. Now, you can wield the same mystical forces and control various elemental forces with this ancient weapon, thanks to the latest mod of Blade and Sorcery.

Mystical weapon
The new mod of the built-for-VR medieval fantasy sandbox game allows the players to harness the powers of Ten Rings of Mandarin and thus, unleash wrathful attacks on their enemies who fatefully cross their paths. The mystical weapon can be spawned from the game’s Spawn Book and used as melee weapons. You can control elemental magic, fire deadly projectiles, grab your enemies by their limbs, as well as perform super jumps armed with the Ten Rings.

Initial stages of development
The mod, however, is still in its initial stages of development. So, you can expect a few challenges for some time now. For example, once equipped, the Ten Rings cannot be removed till the end of the game. But developers assure that this should not interrupt the abilities of other existing weapons or powers.

The mod is now available for download via Discord on SteamVR headset.

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