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Playstation Set To Get Enthralling Titanic Virtual Reality Game

The PlayStation PSVR console is set to get a version of the Titanic VR game. It will offer a completely realistic experience and offer users the chance to get into the shoes of characters who were present on the ship during the voyage. The game is being developed by Immersive VR Education (IVRE) and will contain up to eight hundred different characters. It will also a lot of interesting on-screen facts regarding the RMS Titanic and the sinking event.

Much of the world’s population acknowledges the sinking of the Titanic as one of the prominent disasters in history. With this VR game, players can step into the shoes of one of the surviving passengers who went aboard the lifeboat #6. They will be able to witness the gigantic Titanic cracking in half and gradually subsiding into the waters. The entire experience has been designed based on the vivid personal accounts of survivors. Sandra Whelan, Founder of IVRE, stated that users can expect a completely immersive experience aboard the lifeboat. She explains that the sinking event will be a captivating experience for gamers.

The interactive playable part of the experience enables players to take a submersible vehicle beneath the surface, at the wreckage location of the Titanic. Players will be able to explore the ruins of the ship, go through various passages, and embark on a hunt for valuable pieces of nostalgia. Artefacts that are found within the wreckage can be cleaned up and arranged, with the help of a built-in virtual character. Participants of the Titanic VR immersive experience will enjoy a high level of virtual control, either through their own virtual arms or through that of the submersible vehicle.

Players of Titanic VR can choose to participate in seven separate laboratory missions and eight dive quests. It is possible to get more than six hours of continuous gameplay with the above missions. Players who stand upon the Titanic deck are able to witness the sights and sounds of distress rockets being flung up to the sky. The lowering of the lifeboat from the ship onto the water surface is also a shaky and thrilling experience.

Titanic VR, so far, has been playable on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PC and Windows Mixed Reality. It is a commendable and highly-realistic effort due to the sheer extent of historical accuracy reconstructed through it. It is a key demonstration of the immersive VR technology potential of IVRE, enabling players to experience history in vivid detail. Check out the game in the playstation store.

Apollo 11, a previous release from IVRE, is a revolutionary development that let participants get a first-hand experience of the famed moon mission. In terms of recreating reality, the project is similar to Titanic VR. Apollo 11 has received several international awards, including ones from Time Warner, and game-engine stalwart Unity. It also received the distinction of becoming the Best VR Movie at the VR Festival, held in Las Vegas.

IVRE is making waves in the domain of immersive education with the use of advanced technology.


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