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PLA to Use VR Training Program to Enhance Combat Readiness

PLA to Use VR Training Program to Enhance Combat Readiness
As per the latest report, Chinese paratroopers are now relying on virtual reality to enhance their combat readiness as they are taking military commands shift-training focus to detect the lack of combat experience.

Chinese military experts have said they are following American-styled training, emphasizing on joint operations to promote elite paratroopers, and a brigade of newly employed paratroopers have finished their interim assessment just a month ago.

Commanders from the brigade also added that the new recruitment process has gone through a virtual reality parachuting training, and the outcomes were very satisfying.

Why VR?

Zhang Chuxuan, a newly recruited soldier added, VR airborne training was very flexible during the stimulations of take-off and landing, and the depiction of the emergency was very realistic. It helped in learning the basic theories and skills of airborne experience. The report also revealed that Virtual Reality was included for training as the youngsters seemed to be comfortable with new technology and training methods.

People’s Liberation Army of China lacks real combat experience compared to Russian and American counterparts, as China has not taken part in major fights for a long time except for Korean War in the 1950s, and Sino-Indian border conflict in 1962, and the Sino-Vietnamese conflict in 1979.



In an interview, military expert Zhou Chenming, based in Beijing, said that the new training imitates Americans’ airborne corps model to Russian light infantry elite troop arrangement. The independent special airborne troop design mainly focuses on coordination among different forces during a joint operation.

It is clear that PLA is presently following the US model to enhance the potential of the military paratroopers, and the initiative has been appreciated. Zhou also added that American and Russian concept of airborne combat is different and the training is supposed to be highly beneficial for entire brigade.

A PLA soldier takes part in VR parachute training. Photo: PLA Daily
A PLA soldier takes part in VR parachute training. Photo: PLA Daily

Recent Reports 

Zhou addressed about specialized skills of American and Russian paratroopers lacked in the People’s Liberation Army of China. He admitted American airborne corps is recognized for long-distance attack missions and their stealthy nature of the attack is worth appreciation.

On the other hand, Russian paratroopers are known for risking their lives on the line in air raids, which reveals their bravery. A report published in the ‘Army Times’ claimed that US marine peers and airborne corps were relying on VR technology for training purposes for a long time.

As per the statement made by an Army, mariners and soldiers had run the integrated visual augmentation system via a training program of 72 hours, conducted in October at Fort Pickett, Virginia.

Song Zhongping, former PLA instructor and the military commentator said that the VR training would be beneficial for individuals as it would help to overcome the panic of parachuting. He added that VR training allowed stimulating various terrains, weather conditions, and environments, which won’t be possible during the real training session.

Reports of PLA training pilot cadets with VR technology has been revealed in official statements and reports, and it is expected to bring a huge change in the training program designed for special forces.


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