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Owlchemy Unveiled Cosmonious High—A Brand-New VR Game Set in an Alien High School

The popular VR development house, Owlchemy Labs, has unveiled another sensational VR game title Cosmonious High. Already known as the makers of Vacation Simulator and Job Simulator, Owlchemy comes out with their first-ever virtual reality game that looks quite promising and exciting.

Owlchemy, the Texas-based VR studio is majorly popular for their Rick and Morty Simulator—Virtual Rick-ality. Apart from making the simulated world of TV’s one of the most popular cartoon franchises, the VR house was also working relentlessly for the last few years to make their big game title possible. According to the developers, Cosmonious High is the most promising and the biggest VR title of the company under its new leadership.

Instant hit
The company was founded by Alex Schwartz back in 2010. However, it met with scarce success in the virtual reality market with games titles, despite the fact that most games were purportedly hilarious and they leveraged the advantages of the newly-launched VR headsets to their highest capacity. The scenario took a 180-degree turn once it introduced the Job Simulator. It sold a million copies within just a few weeks of its release and became an instant hit on the market.

New management
Counting on its successes thanks to Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator, soon Google stepped in and acquired Owlchemy in 2017. However, the tech giant did not meddle much and left the original setup majorly to its own devices. But the new management and revamped leadership have been doing wonders to its repertoire, sources reported.

The simulator verse
Owlchemy’s COO (or as they say COOwl) and Product Director Andrew Eiche stated that the “simulator verse” has become an instant favourite to all the developers and other personnel attached with Owlchemy. However, he mentioned that the aim was to branch out further and tap into possibilities to come up with something unique. The brainstorming session unanimously agreed that high school is one place that holds tons of stories that are waiting to be told. There is also a vast opportunity for unique interactions that could be utilized to engage the players. This ultimately led to the development of Cosmonious High where players could immerse themselves in a unique theme. Eiche also added that Google has allowed complete autonomy for them to operate and thus, the new VR title turned out to be so spectacular.

Cosmonious High
Cosmonious High is a virtual reality adventure game set in an alien high school. Players will have to take the role of an alien who has crash-landed at the high school on the very first day of the school year. Using their powers (unlockable in various steps) the alien hero will have to help in repairing the school and return Cosmonious High to its former glory. During the story, the players will also come across a bunch of quirky characters and enjoy the adventure with them. They will also take part in the school’s activities, attend classes, and enjoy the vibrant world of the high school.

Cosmonious High will release on Oculus Quest and SteamVR in the coming spring.

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