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OVR Technology has launched the ‘INHALE 3’ virtual reality aromatic platform for mental wellbeing

OVR Technology is a supplier of olfactory virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) innovations. The company has officially unveiled the INHALE 3 Wellness Platform, which is the 3rd revision of its immersive VR experience. This plaform has been created to offer features that enhance better relaxation and promote overall wellbeing in individuals.

Dr. Rachel Herz, a neuroscientist and olfaction expert who also serves on OVR’s advisory board, stated that OVR is the very first business equipped with state-of-the-art technology and methodology to deliver considerable value to the market. It is creating a unique platform that is unlike any other solution on the market.


What Herz stated was indeed validated by participants in a virtual reality-based OVR demo session held recently at the AWE USA 2002 event.

Without a doubt, a distinctly immersive experience is being offered by the VR-based aromatic solution. The demo places a person in a direct and first-person perspective and allows them to communicate with virtual offerings that start releasing a fragrance when reached or made contact with. Some of the scents that they are offering include fragrances such as lavender, wet soil, marshmallow, rose, and campfire smoke. It is remarkable that all of these smells are quite accurate and offer a vivid and engaging experience.

INHALE 3 presents a novel experience for users through the INHALE Wellness Platform, with a sleek browser and a fresh method for assisting individuals in achieving their preferred emotional state results. In VR, individuals engage with a soothing and serene environment in which correlating aromas are aptly launched to complement the virtual reality visuals and simulated fragrances similar to what would appear or disappear in the physical world.

One of the new features being offered as part of the experience is the scent mood orbs. These are basically virtual objects that can be interacted with by users whilst they are within the immersive space and enjoying an experience. These promote the desired mood state outcome. Every orb has its own hue and fragrance, and it attaches to an emotional state-based circuit. Three aromatic orbs generate experiences that aid in relieving stress, increasing focus and tranquility, and improving relaxation.

A state of deep relaxation is induced by the mood orb. It contains a blend of mesmerising scents that evoke feelings of security, happiness, and comfort. The company’s destress mood orb contains fresh and alluring scents and calm focus.OVR has also established its next installment of aromas inside the simulated space including fragrances based on wet dirt, waterfalls, seaweed, and marine fresh, ozonic, and mountainous.

Experts Rachel Herz, Ph.D., and CEO of Brightmind Meditation Toby Sola, created new meditation techniques to promote each emotional state outcome. These last for 10-minute and 5-minute durations.

A new scent cartridge enhanced and standardised usage mapping, and a convenient settings menu, are accompanied by a grip button for lifting objects on the device. These are some of the improvements. OVR Technology creates all scents in its research lab in Burlington, Vermont.

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