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Omni One – The VR Device Raises Over $11M From Its Investors

Omni One treadmill
Virtuix, Omni One’s creator, has made an announcement about its campaign on SeedInvest, the equity crowdfunding platform. Virtuix has said that its campaign has exceeded $11M in funding from a wide range of investors. It broke the records for the fastest uptake in SeedInvest’s history. The company’s campaign aims for $15M and ends soon. Omni One is an omnidirectional treadmill developed for the home. It allows players to walk and run inside virtual worlds and popular games.

Step into your favorite game

The Austin-based firm plans to take home entertainment to the next level by introducing Omni One to the world. It is a consumer variant of its “Omni” technology and fits wonderfully in any part of a room. The innovative device’s 360-degree experience lets players run or walk in whichever direction they want while inside their preferred videogames. Thus, it presents an immersive feeling of moving physically in virtual reality.

Jan Goetgeluk, the enterprise’s founder and CEO, has said that they are equally thrilled and humbled by the strong investor support for their device. Goetgeluk also mentioned that their success on SeedInvest displays Omni One’s strong market demand. Many of their new investors are also enthusiastic customers who plan to buy it for their homes.


SeedInvest is the top place for fundraising campaigns under SEC Regulation A (Reg A). It lets private firms publicly sell shares. Virtuix’s Reg A campaign allows people to invest in the company and receive shares in it, with the minimum investment being $1000. Additionally, its investors will get a 20% discount while purchasing Omni One.

Ultimate home entertainment

Goetgeluk mentioned their device as an innovative gaming system and that it is a breakthrough in omnidirectional treadmill technology. The CEO further stated that it has a light system with a compact body of just four feet in diameter, and also, users will find it easy to fold it up and store. Moreover, Omni One provides users with unparalleled freedom of movement, which includes kneeling, jumping, and even crouching. The device will have a game store with 30 titles at launch. It will contain a few games like Call of Duty and Virtuix’s Fortnite-style games, alongside famous titles licensed from third parties.

The firm plans to charge $1995 for the whole Omni One entertainment system, which has operating software and an all-in-one virtual reality headset. Thus, it promises a seamless experience. The pricing puts it in line with mid-level gaming computers or connected fitness gear such as a Peloton bike. Apart from this, Virtuix will provide a “dev kit” package that includes a virtual reality headset for $995. This option lets VR hobbyists and developers pair the treadmill with their PCs and headsets to play virtual reality games or for development.

Next level

Mark Cuban and other reputed investors have backed Virtuix, which has raised over $30M in funding. It has also supplied commercial Omni systems to entertainment venues in several countries. Additionally, Omniverse, the company’s content platform, has hosted a number of plays in recent years.

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