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Oculus Quest Introduces an Exciting New VR Game “Puzzling Place”

Oculus Quest’s new VR puzzle game uses cutting-edge photogrammetry 3D technology and features stunning detail.


VR puzzle game
Good news for all the puzzle-lovers! Finally, a captivating puzzle game arrives in VR, thanks to Oculus Quest. The new VR title Puzzling Place lets you assemble 16 real-world locations using VR headsets and boasts incredible detail to give you the most true-to-life experience. So, why wait? Get on with your Oculus quest and take your puzzle-solving skill to a whole new level!

Puzzling Place is essentially a jigsaw puzzle game that requires you to organize and assemble virtual locations from across the world. Originally it was released in Oculus Quest’s open beta via App Lab and Side Quest. The VR puzzle experience also comes with some amazing upgrades that will make your experience more satisfying.

Real-world locations
The brand-new puzzle game with stunning detail features more than 12 one-of-a-kind jigsaw puzzles, each of them based on a world-renowned real-life location. Further, the real-world locations are brought to life by incorporating unbelievable details that transport you to the actual place. They are not just 3D models of a popular place rendered by software. Rather, they are complex, and of course, highly realistic recreations of real-world locations composed of thousands of still images captured on the original site. This has been made possible by using advanced photogrammetry capture technology.

Visual authenticity
Azad Balabanian, Photogrammetry expert and chief Puzzlemaker for Puzzling Place stated that the images are captured by the team’s own scanning team or by the partners for authenticity. He mentioned that the teams used DSLR cameras for accurate terrestrial scanning, and planes, helicopters, even drones for aerial scanning. He added that for some locations, the scanning team even used Lidar scanning to capture more complex images. Each scan features innumerable images of the location, which is further rendered into complex 3D models involving millions of polygons. Thus, the true detail of each location has been managed to retain.

Immersive soundscape
Beyond the visual authenticity, Puzzling Place also features unique audio elements to make your puzzling experience more enjoyable. It includes an immersive soundscape put together using real audio elements from the respective locations to give you a real-world feel of the place. As you go on to assemble the puzzles, you will be immersed in the incredible soundscape that would transport you right into the location, making you feel actually living in the moment.

The puzzles
The puzzles, as mentioned, are assembled using real-world locations from across the planet. There are a total of 16 puzzles, based on some of the most widely-known places in the world.

  • Three puzzles of City of Biarritz—the picturesque coastal city on the French Atlantic shores
  • Five puzzles of temples, fortresses, and monasteries from the Cultural Heritage of Armenia
  • Four puzzles of the Hallwyl Museum, a palatial residence located in Stockholm
  • Four puzzles of traditional Japanese garb to a sea-side city

Each of the puzzles is available in 25, 50, 100, 200, and even a complex 400-piece set.

Puzzling Place is now available on both Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 for only $14.99.

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