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Oblon & Mobeus Collaborate on Non-headset VR genre

Mobeus and Oblon has submitted a patent portfolio to the USPTO for a bundle of technologies that will pave the way for a new class of virtual reality (VR) experiences that are accessible to a wider market.

Patent applications for a new type of virtual VR that does not require any additional hardware, such as augmented reality (AR) goggles or VR headsets, have been filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) as well as other worldwide IP rights regulators by Mobeus. It is the company behind the AirglassTM offering, and Oblon, a prominent intellectual property law firm with a global presence. The project team has been working together for about two years to make virtual reality more accessible and accommodating.

CEO and co-founder of Mobeus, Mike Sutcliff said that Mobeus has made an important first stride toward a breakthrough development that will push virtual reality beyond its existing hardware restrictions. Elaborating further, he stated that it’s delightful to see advancements in technology like those employed in the famous futuristic-themed movie Minority Report made accessible to people of all skill levels. This patent library demonstrates the company’s dedication to becoming a cutting-edge technology firm that assists clients in providing broader interactive and realistic encounters.

James Love, an Oblon partner, said the collection features creations that, without the requirement for a headset, bring a high-tech sensation akin to gestures to any computer’s exterior and a deep metaverse experience to any screen. According to Love, his first time using the innovations’ prototype was revolutionary; the sense of unity you experience with one’s current screen ushers in a new era in an evolving connection with technology.

In the future, users will be able to see and engage with any kind of website, document, material, app, or game, inside the expansive realm of the new virtual reality category, all via the use of virtual smart glasses innovation. It uses the device’s internal camera to create an immersive illusion of dimension around a flat screen. Consumers who already have devices but who may require additional gear to enjoy existing categories of virtual reality, such as AR and VR, are within the scope of this new road to virtual reality.

Maryam Imam, Head of Intellectual Property at Mobeus, provided some background for the company’s product array. He said that a virtual smart glass could be installed on a user’s device in the same way as a browser was added so that they could connect to the Internet. He expressed that his time spent with the development team has been the most rewarding of his professional life.

A group of creators from different countries worked together to create the collection. Mobeus Airglass is a compact, realistic, and engaging experience that blends presentations and visuals to create a feeling of depth surrounding the screens of Apple Macs and Microsoft PCs, and provides useful exposure to the innovation.

At the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, Mobeus will present a prototype of their virtual smart glass technology to showcase the new virtual reality category.

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