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NYC Harry Potter Store to Get Two New Location-Based Virtual Reality Experiences

Good news for all the Potterheads! Now you get to fly on a Nimbus 2000 and explore Hogwarts at the Harry Potter flagship store.

Warner Bros., the house that brought us the amazing Harry Potter movies, has launched the first-ever Harry Potter flagship store in New York City last month. The store offers fans of the popular novel and movie franchise an incredible opportunity to enjoy an immersive social VR experience at the location. Now, besides shopping for official merchandise from the Harry Potter brand, fans can immerse themselves in the magical experience of the Wizarding World as well. The store has already gained so much popularity that customers have to wait in a virtual queue before they get to enter the enchanted realm of the flagship store.

Record Footfall

Since its debut, the store has witnessed a record footfall both physical and online. As if the popularity was not enough, Warner Bros. has decided to launch two location-based social VR experiences themed after Harry Potter next month. The limited-time immersive experience will reportedly feature sensory effects, haptic technology, and other interactive elements. WarnerMedia is developing unique social VR experiences in collaboration with Keylight, Wevr, and Dreamscape Immersive. Each VR experience can accommodate up to six players at the same time.

Exclusive motion capture technology

The unique interactive experience combines exclusive motion capture technology to bring it to life. Thanks to this cutting-edge tech, players will be able to virtually see other players’ exact movements in real-time. This will add an extra layer of immersion to the VR experience. As of now, WarnerMedia has announced two location-based social VR experiences, namely Harry Potter: Chaos at Hogwarts and Harry Potter: Wizards Take Flight.

School of magic

Harry Potter: Chaos at Hogwarts will take players right into the midst of the school of magic and its enchanting surroundings where all the adventures of Harry Potter have taken place. In this social VR experience, six players at a time will strap into their VR backpacks and set out on a journey of the Wizarding World. It is essentially a free-roam location-based adventure that takes players through the great halls of Hogwarts, the mysterious nooks and corners of the ginormous building, as well as the shady alleyways beyond the school campus. Players will have a wand-like controller for interacting with others within the in-game environment. The journey will make them confront fantastical creatures and complete magical quests. The experience will feature a variety of sensory elements brought to life by a combination of haptic technology and an array of special effects. It will also comprise hand and foot tracking, allowing the players to view their teammates’ exact movements.

The flights

On the other hand, Harry Potter: Wizards Take Flight highlights the flight on the magic brooms. It will take players exploring the magical realm of the Harry Potter universe, flying above the London sky before they reach the destination. Players will have to defeat petrifying Death Eaters roaming around the halls of Hogwarts. Instead of a VR backpack, players will get to hop on a physical broomstick and fight airborne enemies. The wand-like controller will be their weapon in this deadly fight.

Haptic technologies

Similar to Chaos at Hogwarts, this VR experience will also feature haptic technologies and special sensory effects to provide a realistic feel. Both social VR experiences take place right inside the Harry Potter flagship store.


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