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Now Order Your Favourite Big Mac for Real in McDonald’s Metaverse Restaurant

McDonald’s will make you say “I’m lovin’ it” in the metaverse too!

McDonald’s, the leading fast-food giant has filed a whopping number of 10 trademark applications. Once they go through, it will pave the way for opening McDonald’s restaurants in the metaverse. This means while you explore the digital world, you can also visit your favourite restaurant there. But there is more to the story. In a unique attempt, the company is making it possible to order real food in this digital version of the fast-food chain. Now, you can order all your favourites from the virtual store, including Big Mac, McChicken, or a cheeseburger Happy Meal, and have them delivered to your home in the real world.

McDonald’s was founded by Maurice McDonald and Richard McDonald back in 1940. Later, Roy Kroc purchased the company in 1961 and opened outlets all over the country. Gradually, it went on to become one of the largest fast-food chains in the world, having restaurants and outlets in every major city in every country. Taking things to the next level, the current owners are now planning to expand their business in the virtual world, which is said to be the next generation of business.

The company revealed that they are going to open both their restaurants and signature McCafé in the metaverse. The digital locations are being designed to deliver a unique experience that is practically impossible to offer in physical stores.

The announcement of McDonald’s new venture in the metaverse was first made on Twitter. Trademark attorney Josh Gerben posted on his Twitter handle that the company has already filed ten trademark applications with the US Patent and Trademark Office on February 4th. The applications indicated that the company plans to open a virtual restaurant offering both virtual and physical goods and services, including home delivery in the real world. More details about the applications are yet to be made public. However, Business Insider reported that users will be able to buy McDonald’s own NFTs, casually referring to them as McNFTs. Users will also be able to collect, trade, and sell these NFTs in exchange for virtual goods from McDonald’s.

In another report, leading news agency Forbes claimed that among the ten trademarks, one particular file focuses on entertainment services falling under the McCafé and McDonald brands. With the approval, the virtual restaurant and café would be able to host online concerts and events, both virtual and physical.

While leading companies such as Nike, Gap, and Walmart are already building their virtual presence in the metaverse, McDonald’s is going to be the first to offer goods and services in the real world through their digital stores. The company states that the trademarks will open up a host of new franchising opportunities for the fast-food brand and boost its business in the coming future. The venture is being described as the biggest step since Ray Kroc’s acquisition. With metaverse spaces such as Somnium Space now being up for grabs, McDonald’s could soon be scooping up virtual real estate as well.

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