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Novobeing Gets Investment for VR Stress Reduction

Impact Assets gets investment for Novobeing

Digital health firm Novobeing is transforming the landscape of stress management and self-care using virtual reality. The company has recently received funding from Impact Assets, a notable impact investor.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Novobeing. It shows their journey to innovate stress management and improve overall well-being. The company aims to achieve this through the incorporation of immersive technology into mental health and wellness practices.

The company’s VR-based stress management solution merges proven scientific methodologies with VR technology, delivering personalised, immersive experiences tailored to individual needs. The platform aims to boost engagement and effectiveness of established stress reduction treatments such as meditation, breathwork, and cognitive behavioural therapy. Novobeing offers a flexible solution for healthcare settings and personal usage. Users can customise and modify their experience based on their unique conditions, emotional states, and stress levels.

Novobeing has announced that its virtual reality (VR) platform is specifically engineered to meet the stringent requirements of healthcare settings. Six hospitals are currently using this advanced technology. It has also been tested in three clinical trials. The firm provides a complete stress-reduction package for healthcare practitioners in addition to an early access software on Meta Quest for individual users.

The firm’s product development and innovation are set to be fast-tracked thanks to an investment from Impact Assets, a company managing over $3 billion in assets. The Harvard Business School Investment for Impact programme conducted a thorough due diligence process. This process resulted in the strategic investment decision.

Novobeing asserts that this financial backing will not only allow it to broaden its scope and influence but also confirm its ongoing efforts towards transforming stress management and well-being. Furthermore, this partnership aligns with Impact Assets’ objective of supporting initiatives that aim for a better world.

Sid Desai, Novobeing’s CEO, expressed his excitement about having Impact Assets as an ally on their journey. He emphasised their shared vision for social change and how it aligns perfectly with Novobeing’s fundamental values. According to him, this investment is more than just money. It shows their efforts to change stress management and well-being are worthwhile.

Impact Assets has not yet disclosed the exact amount it invested. For further details about Novobeing and its VR stress management platform, one can visit the company’s website.

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