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Nolo VR to Launch the All-new ODM Automated Virtual Reality Headset

This year the CES global stage will provide the grounds to host the inauguration program of the launch of the newest addition to the tech world- the ODM standalone VR Headset. The consumer electronics industry will witness the launch of one of the most influential and breakthrough technologies, as CES will continue to share its platform while making the required adjustments for the pandemic.

Nolo VR, the Chinese Virtual Reality organization, is planning to bring to light a range of tech products as remote working and tough lockdown measures continue to gear up several organizations for an avalanche of zoom calls. The all-in-one standalone VR headset is one such technological invention that will appear publicly at this year’s CES event. With so much uncertainty and hardships amid the pandemic outbreak, the new machine is a ray of hope for the corporate world.

Highly Beneficial

The name of the product is yet to be disclosed, which is going to be an additional surprise and only to be revealed on the launching day itself. However, currently referred to as the 6DoF all-in-one inside-out virtual reality headset, the new device is a product of ODM solution and serves mobile networks, brands, and newly formed organizations in the market. The new launch is going to be highly beneficial for nationwide marketing influencers.

Nolo VR to Launch the All-new ODM Automated Virtual Reality Headset
Nolo VR to Launch the All-new ODM Automated Virtual Reality Headset

Ultrasonic Positioning Technology

The automated virtual reality headset will feature Solar Traq ultrasonic positioning technology with an attached SLAM dual-lens solution to leverage the tracking by the 6DoF device. The Nolo VR will accompany the headset with controlling button configurations similar to the Oculus Touch and Vive Cosmos designs. The device will have two cameras in front that will help the headset conduct thorough tracking, while the automated Solar Traq technology will capture the sound of the true controllers. The shape, arrangements, and number of controls of the VR headset are identical to the Oculus Quest that will spatially catch the controller’s head and hands.


The details about the virtual reality headset, such as battery life or screen resolution, have not been revealed by Nolo. However, to give their consumers an insider’s peek at the latest addition, the owner of Nolo stated that the ODM headset will effectively customize brands with short-focus or regular display and differentiated configuration solutions. Organizations will have a series of funky colors to choose from when buying the ODM headset.

Only Unveiled Tech

This is not the first tech featured by Nolo VR. In fact, this is just another addition to the tech-product portfolio by the China-based virtual reality company. From 2016 to 2020, Nolo specialized in the development of an array of technological products, including Daydream View, Samsung Gear VR, 6DoF tracking solution Nolo CV1 Pro combo, Nolo N2, a cloud VR solution, Nolo CV1 air, Nolo X1, and many more. Most of these inventions have made their debut in the 2020 CES trade show. However, the ODM standalone VR headset is the only unveiled tech by the Nolo VR.


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