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Nintendo Labo marks a venture back into virtual reality

Nintendo Switch gaming console owners have something to look forward to, with the latest announcement of a virtual reality (VR) headset from the company.

Nintendo’s last virtual reality headset was the Virtual Boy, launched back in the mid-1990s. It was not a success as the technology was quite primitive, and there were very few games. Other brands like Sony and Sega also struggled with their earliest VR offerings, as the imaginations of audiences could not be captured.

Nintendo Labo photo

In the past few years, there have been considerable developments in the domain of virtual reality gaming. The return of VR has been propelled by launches of powerful headsets such as the HTC Vive, Oculus, Daydream from Google, and the HoloLens from Microsoft.

Nintendo is now getting back into the virtual reality fold. The company recently made an announcement regarding its cardboard rendition of VR headsets for the Nintendo Switch gaming system. It will add a new Labo kit variation for gamers.

Labo is not an entirely new offering from Nintendo. During last year, it was introduced as an interesting concept by the gaming giant. Under the Labo range, users can find cardboard-created options for playing their Nintendo Switch systems. Some of the Labo kits include the Variety Kit, the Vehicle Kit, and the Robot Kit.

The new VR Labo kit is set to be launched by Nintendo during April this year. Switch console users will be able to use the latest cardboard virtual reality goggles and be able to combine them with the other Labo offerings. This will revolutionise how gamers use their Nintendo Switch systems for gaming.

Nintendo will launch two different Labo VR kits, which are set to hit the stores on April 12. The “Starter Kit: version will feature a game and each of the parts required to construct the virtual reality headset. It will also contain a gaming blaster made from cardboard. The other kit, the Nintendo “VR Kit”, will have the contents of the basic kit, in addition to more Labo experiences, an in-game ocean exploration camera, an elephant, and many more items. The VR Kit extras will also be sold separately by Nintendo, as expansion modules. This will enable Starter Kit users to get the extras while saving money.

Both of the kits can be fastened onto the Nintendo Switch gaming console. Gamers who are interested in using the Labo kit offerings must own functional Switch devices. The cardboard Labo VR goggles will give users the Nintendo VR experience.

Users will not have to experience Nintendo virtual reality in the red and black reminiscent of its Virtual Boy machine from the 90s. Instead, it is a vivid and colourful experience with modern VR technology. You can use the blaster to engage in combat with aliens or step into the shoes of an elephant. The goggles along with the console will create a rich gaming experience.

Nintendo Labo VR Kits will launch on April 12 in Australia and will retail between $60 to $120.

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