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NeXR Introduces Virtual Seminars and Terms it The Future of Learning

NeXR Technologies has recently launched the NeXR Seminar, a VR seminar. They enable firms to hold their conferences, training courses, and seminars in a virtual reality stream. Participants get VR glasses that are sent to their office or workplace and can meet and communicate with the consultant, coach, or lecturer in immersive environments. Such virtual seminars are fully virus-free, highly efficient, and better than business travels.

Markus Peuler, the CEO of the Berlin-based tech firm, has said that they are working simultaneously on various sections of the Extended Reality that include animation, 3D scanning of objects and people, and the development of web-based applications, environments, and experiences. He further said that everything is centered around the next reality, expanding Augmented and Virtual Reality. What is about to come will hugely impact everyday life and will be vastly applicable to the masses.

The NeXR Seminar expands operational areas for further education through virtual reality learning. The whole thing was realized with Alexander Sascha Wolf, the project’s Scientific Advisor. Wolf specializes in networking and collaboration as well as teaches methods to effectively connect people in groups.

However, the project faced a challenge in the form of the Corona crisis which limits the planning for events, conventions, trips to more seminars and training, and trade fairs. It has boosted the search for helpful VR applications for such events at the Germany-based firm. Now, the company provides comprehensive VR events that will facilitate immersive learning and enterprise-based training.

NeXR Seminar: Future of Learning. Image: nexr

Wolf talked about the VR seminars and said that utilizing it ensures nobody will be infected. Wolf has also added that this is not the primary reason to opt for VR corporate training. With VR, you can suspend the laws of nature, like time and gravity. You can fly and do a lot of other exciting things. That way there will be new and endless possibilities to spread knowledge and information. This innovative training way lets you dive into a digital world of unlimited possibilities and can also learn immersively rather than staring at PowerPoint slides.

VRiday is NeXR Technologies’ consulting and VR development agency. Nicola Mizon, a representative of VRiday, has described immersive as a special expression in the case of VR. Mizon further said that in VR, people forget the real world and become immersed in the digital environment.

Markus Peuler talked about their product and mentioned it as unique. He further said that for live VR seminars the firm develops lifelike avatars and then realistically animates them through state-of-the-art motion capture technology. There are digital rooms available but to obtain sustainable success in the B2B segment, you need to shift from gimmicks and move towards genuine VR learning solution experiences.

The VR environment-based B2B training solutions are quite economical and efficient since both costs and travel time are saved. Peuler has termed it as a sustainable product and said that soon companies will adopt VR training. He mentioned Alexander Wolf as a veteran speaker and said that with his presence, the company realized the new experiential training. Wolf will now present live seminars in a VR environment.

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