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Newcastle University Uses Vuzix M400 AR Smart Glasses for Research and Training

Vuzix Corporation, a provider of smart glasses as well as augmented reality products, has recently made an announcement about Newcastle University. The UK-based public research university has deployed the tech firm’s M400 Smart Glasses to remotely support academics and staff at various home offices and lab sites in researching blood cells and diseases, which also includes COVID – 19.

Apart from remote support, the lab technicians are also utilizing platforms like Zoom through Vuzix’s Smart Glasses to provide training across its user base. Vuzix considers the university’s Newcastle Flow Cytometry Core Facility to be an advanced technology platform and research lab in the Cytometry sector. The lab comprises a core team of experts who maintain and operate the cytometers that are needed in blood cell analyses.


Additionally, they also train other scientists to operate some platforms. Vuzix also mentioned that all the systems are not present in a single physical location, and all the team members do not have the same skill sets. Hence, at times, it can be hard to align personnel with the required platform. The COVID – 19 pandemic has made the situation even more challenging as the facility teams are operating in ‘bio-bubbles’, with an active group on-site and another working from home.


Much of the work that the team does in the lab is hands-on and needs full freedom of both hands to handle systems and conduct safe and effective experiments. Dr. Andrew Filby, Director of the laboratory and Lead of the Innovation, Methodology, and Innovations Research Theme, as well as his group, selected the Vuzix Smart Glasses for remote training and support. It is because they can be configured with these VR products.

Incredible specifications

Dr. Filby said that Vuzix’s M400 Smart Glasses have incredible specifications, like noise cancellation that is useful in noisy work environments, image stabilization, as well as zoom functions for detailed work. Apart from these, the virtual reality product is compatible with numerous popular streaming and remote support platforms.

Newcastle University Uses Vuzix M400 AR Smart Glasses for Research and Training

Easy and Intuitive

Their organization subscribed to Zoom and TeamViewer. Thus, the M400 glasses’ compatibility features are a real benefit. Filby mentioned that earlier other Smart Glasses had disappointed them by only being compatible with just a handful of streaming platforms. Hence, they sought a more flexible smart glasses option. He also said that it is easy and intuitive to control and operate the M400 glasses.

Function effectively

Dr. Filby further said that through the unique VR-product, the team can now function effectively across its various locations and make sure there is expert training and support available even when the specialist is across the globe or at home. Vuzix’s product’s technical features are a crucial accessory to constant lab testing, especially as the team moves into multiple projects focused on learning more about the Coronavirus and the disease it causes.


Paul Travers, Vuzix’s CEO and President, said that several global organizations, including research labs, healthcare organizations, and universities are recognizing their Smart Glasses’ value to present remote training and support to their students or associates.

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