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New virtual reality technology helps HR professionals in hiring and firing practice

A new virtual reality (VR) technology for HR training can help aspiring professionals practice hiring and firing employees, even before they enter a real-world workplace. Employers could soon use VR and AI-based practice programs.

Virtual reality technology developer Talespin has recently launched a platform to provide employees with opportunities to practice difficult social scenarios. Known as Virtual Human Technology, the new platform is geared towards imitating real-time conversions that employees generally have to experience at work. The features of the software are useful for simulating a variety of scenarios, including leadership training, performance review sessions, sales meetings and firing employees.

Kyle Jackson, the CEO of Talespin, remarked that his focusing on comprehensive enhancements to the typical employee life cycle and the impact of spatial computing on the same.

According to Jackson, Talespin is keen on meeting the objective of arousing realistic emotions and developing the sensibilities of employees regarding how to handle challenging scenarios. The demo version makes participants take on the role of a Human Resources Manager. They are then asked to handle the firing process of Barry, an imaginary employee at the firm. Barry is a character with AI capabilities, capable of showing real human emotions and responses. As an example, the character exhibits anger upon being informed regarding his termination.

Participants of the Virtual Human Technology may or may not succeed in handling the termination of Barry. They will receive feedback from the platform regarding how their skills can be improved over time. Jackson revealed that the platform can be customised based on the responses preferred by employers.

Several aspects are documented or recorded by the system, including thing said by users, their sentiments, branches activated by them, and paths chosen by them. Jackson explained that since a huge amount of data is recorded, there is a need to identify what can be achieved using such data.

Apart from being run in a virtual reality environment, the program can also be used on mobile, desktop and audio-only device. Jackson revealed that his company is on the process of deployment with five partners, hailing from industry sectors including insurance, automotive, packaged goods and telecommunications. One of the companies, Farmers Insurance, is already utilising the technology for the purpose of training its new hires. The cost model for employers using the software is on a pay per month basis for active users, along with the software module cost.

Several employers are actively investing in technology forms like virtual reality and artificial intelligence, for bringing in and retaining suitable talent. Takeda, a pharmaceutical company, is combining 360-degree photos with an interactive representation of its Cambridge, Massachusetts campus map. It has created a VR-based office tour to guide its existing and future employees.

There are instances of employers reporting that the quality of treatment meted out by management has led to turnover. Virtual Human Technology, which is a virtual reality platform, can be of considerable help for managers who want to enhance their skills of interaction with employees. – Kyle Jackson


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