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New TikTok VR on Apple Vision Pro

The VR version of TikTok is now available on Apple Vision Pro

A brand new native software has been officially published by TikTok, and it is available for anyone who has an Apple Vision Pro headset. The mixed reality viewer from Apple has recently been made available for purchase in the United States. In addition to a vertical video player, the new TikTok app has buttons for sharing, liking, commenting, and adding to favourites. Those who have previously used TikTok on their iOS or Android devices will be familiar with the interface of the new app. In order to prevent the main player from being obscured, TikTok has placed creator profiles and comments on a side panel, which allows for more efficient administration of interface components. Because of this, they are able to take advantage of the additional area that the screen of the Vision Pro provides.

During the previous month, Ahmad Zahran, who is the head of product at TikTok, made a veiled reference to the fact that his team has entirely rethought the TikTok experience for the product. Through the use of Vision Pro, users are now able to watch videos on TikTok while completely immersing themselves in virtual worlds such as the surface of the moon. Additionally, they are able to keep a view of their real surroundings. In addition, the app and other headset applications coordinate their operations with one another.

There are certain businesses that have not shown the same level of enthusiasm for Apple’s innovative hardware as the big suppliers of video streaming services. It was Disney’s ability to provide the opportunity to view 3D films on the Vision Pro via Disney Plus that proved the significance of the company as a partner. Apple has also stated that it will support a number of content streaming providers, including Amazon Prime Video, Paramount Plus, Mubi, and Discovery Plus. Netflix and YouTube, on the other hand, have made the decision to not allow their iPad apps to run on the headset in a compatible mode. Instead, they have advised their users to access their services via the Safari browser. However, YouTube has just revealed that it will be developing an app for Vision Pro in the future. This comes after YouTube has been making efforts to compete with TikTok in recent times with its YouTube Shorts service.

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