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New partnership between Moth+Flame & Wellstar

This month, Wellstar Health System announced that it was expanding its partnership with Moth+Flame to make more use of its virtual reality (VR) training technology throughout the organisation.

Developer of the leading enterprise-grade immersive learning platform and winner of several VR communication technology awards, Moth+Flame offers creative and adaptable learning programmes for enhancing technical and mental abilities. On their platform, there is emotional intelligence-related information. When students don these headsets, they enter immersive virtual settings and engage with them. They make judgments about how to react in the heat of the moment, see the effects that their words and actions have on others, and consider how they may do better. At the conclusion of the training, the trainees are given an empathy rating score.

In May of last year, Catalyst by Wellstar hosted the very first virtual reality (VR)-based leadership development programme for the company. This activity was held in cooperation with Moth + Flame, the latter’s first connection in the healthcare industry. The adoption of this technology inside the Wellstar company is an ongoing process that is continually expanding.

Participants who finished the course and gave their feedback unanimously recommended that others participate in online learning. In addition, participants said that the training helped them experience a 57% reduction in the amount of anxiety they felt during difficult conversations. After a successful test run, Wellstar decided to make VR emotional intelligence training a more permanent part of the company.

Kevin Cornish, the company’s founder, and CEO remarked that his team is certain that practice-based, experiential learning is the future of education. He elaborated further, saying that by using virtual reality, a user may study in a secure simulated environment while participating in challenging conversations.

By guiding workers through challenging interactions and testing their resilience in an emotionally charged atmosphere, the virtual reality emotional intelligence training helps Wellstar’s staff members develop emotional intelligence and acquire practical experience in a very realistic situation. As a result of this training, Wellstar employees are better able to maintain their cool, think critically, and respond to triggering situations with mindfulness and an understanding of their own emotions.

The staff at Wellstar will be better able to handle real-world situations with poise and skill if they know how to have good conversations.

According to Steven LeClercq, Director of Learning and Onboarding at WellStar Health System, the use of actual actors in Moth+Flame’s virtual reality experiences greatly enhances the emotional connection to the material and the learner’s ability to recall it. Moth+Flame’s virtual reality experiences are available on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The assistance provided by Moth+Flame in presenting virtual reality to our company’s highest-level executives was quite helpful.

Wellstar will keep looking for ways to use this technology in a clinical setting in order to keep training and team development on the cutting edge.

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