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New application utilises VR for teaching English to non-native speakers

David Bradford, the former CEO of HireVue, had embarked on a goal of forming a language learning firm in 2015, on the strength of doctoral research conducted by his spouse Linda. The concept behind the company was creating an educational platform using virtual reality (VR) and video game technology.

The application which was built successfully is known as FluentWorlds, and it has already gained a considerable download count of more than 500 thousand. The app is a result of the business skills of David and Linda’s research. It now enjoys a paid subscription base numbering in many thousands. Sales have also increased dramatically by 300 percent between 2017 and 2018.

David is optimistic about FluentWorlds becoming his fourth successful company.

The FluentWorlds app offers users the opportunity to explore virtual worlds and prompts them to interact with the questions of other players in English. David Bradford revealed that the application provides feedback in real-time.

According to David, studies point out that learning within a three-dimensional world as opposed to real-world classrooms, often produced superior results for learning outcomes. He said that the immersive experience is the reason behind this phenomenon.

Haris Rozajac, a Bosnian student at Brigham Young University, remarked that FluentWorlds is the best application for English-learning he has used till date.

Rozajac explained that he had started taking English lessons from a young age as a school student in Bosnia. He explained that although learning the language interested him, not many of his classmates were equally enthusiastic. Rozajac started looking for more engaging ways to learn English as his second language.


According to Rozajac, the application enables users to get a view into a virtual world. He elaborated on the experience, stating that it felt like one was playing a game and that drove up the excitement factor.

Rozajac’s family members including his brother and brother’s wife, who are still Bosnian residents, have been using the application to improve their English skills.

He further revealed that his brother did not initially express excitement for learning a second language. Yet, the interest grew with this application which is a more interesting learning experience than sitting in the classroom and memorising words.

Rozajac is proactively spreading awareness of the app in Bosnia, as he has cousins who are paying significantly higher fees for English classes.

Using the app reduce costs, increase learning enthusiasm, help shy individuals, and boost effectiveness. The app was ideal for those who travel and need to practice on-the-go. – Haris Rozajac

FluentWorlds does offer instructions in as many as 20 different native languages. According to David, the company is currently working on adding more languages for its users, including Spanish. The brand is preparing a live tutoring system with which learners can interact with native English speakers.

The app is available for download on both the Android and iPhone app stores. Users have to pay a $10 monthly subscription fee for the learning services.



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