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New 6DoF VR Headsets for Enterprises Announced by Pico Interactive

Global technology firm Pico Interactive specialises in the development of enterprise and virtual reality (VR) offerings. The company has recently announced an update regarding the launch of new 6DoF headsets for its ‘Neo 3 Pro Eye’ and ‘Neo 3 Pro’ range of products, geared towards businesses. The new headset launch follows the release of the company’s Neo 3, another headset made exclusively for the Chinese market. It has announced that the new devices will be made available in Western markets including Europe and North America.

The Neo 3 to help enterprises improve

Henry Zhou, CEO, Pico Interactive, spoke about the development, saying that the Neo 3 line of products will feature the most advanced technologies to fulfill the dynamic demands of enterprise clients. With remote working and hybrid working becoming more common, a large number of companies are relying on remote collaboration offerings similar to the interactive virtual reality headsets by Pico Interactive. The company also provides apps and some tools that can be used by employees to obtain better productivity and improve an organization’s sales potential. Pico headsets are utilised for a vast array of applications by businesses across multiple industry sectors.

The 6DoF headsets were developed for the needs of enterprise clients and are equipped with the Snapdragon XR2 Platform. Pico Interactive has revealed that the headsets come with 3664 x 1920 resolution displays measuring 5.5”, refresh rates of 90Hz, and 773 PPI. The Neo 3 Pro Eye and Neo 3 Pro retain the design of their earlier versions, as they have a front HMD, rear battery pack, and offer a high level of comfort for users. The new headsets also come with polyurethane sterilizable face cushions that can be washed and replaced.

The company has also updated the controllers for its headsets, bringing in new 6DoF type optical controllers that facilitate better tracking. The latest Neo 3 headsets have four cameras compared to two of the previous version. It also comes with an improved guardian system that can offer users a more open and reliable tracking system. Using this feature is convenient for commercial users as they can save on setup costs and reduces the need for additional tools.

Eye Tracking from Tobii to help understand customers

Pico has entered into a partnership agreement with eye-tracking solution provider Tobii. The new Neo 3 Pro Eye comes with in-built Eye Tracking from Tobii. It can be useful for businesses that need to gain a better understanding of their customers, improve the efficiency of training, and driving up productivity. This is achieved by performing a tracking the gaze of a user who has the device on.

The Neo 3 Pro Eye and Neo 3 Pro will both provide support for NVIDIA Direct Mode and DisplayPort (DP). They will be equipped with cables and DP connectors for facilitating a high-speed wired Pico VR Streaming connection. The Pico VR assistant works in Direct Mode when the Pico device is connected to a computer through a DP cable.

The new headsets are set to go on sale in the near future with the company focusing on enterprise clients around the world.

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