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nDReams Names Legendary Gaming Veteran Chris White to Head its Brand-New VR Game Studio Project

nDreams, the popular VR game platform, has kickstarted a new VR game studio titled nDreams Studio Orbital. It will reportedly feature several VR titles and will be fully remote. The company also announced that renowned mobile game veteran Chris White, former VR expert of the VR/AR fitness company FitXR, to head the project.

White stated that the new VR studio will primarily focus on the development of live games for virtual reality platforms. Prior to FitXR, he has also served as the senior development leader at Electronic Arts (known for The Sims Social) and was also involved by the same capacity in developing Transformers: Earth Wars and Samurai Seige by Space Ape Games. Now at nDreams, he will run a live studio for game development.

Developing brand-new VR titles

During the official announcement, White said that nDreams Studio Orbital will dedicatedly work for developing brand-new VR titles. The unique thing about these titles, he reported, is going to be the live game element. He sounded optimistic about the reception of these new VR games and hoped that players would want to engage with them for a long time. The main focus for him is to make the live games persist for years to come.

Broader focus

The new studio, however, has a broader focus for the time being. To start with, it aims to hire more experts and increase its strength by at least 25 people to carry on with the first project. So far, White is the sole leader entrusted with the task. This is certainly expected of him, for he has more than two decades of experience with mobile game development.

Vast potential

Regarding his switch to live VR games, White remarked that the idea excites him due to the vast potential the field indicates. With each passing day, more and more users are engaging with VR games and at the same time, the technology is progressing in leaps and bounds. Naturally, it promises a lot of opportunities, White stated. He also said that keeping up with the progress, VR game developers will have a fantastic time ahead creating more games and products for the users.

Leading position

nDreams has already secured a leading position in the world of VR games, thanks to their popular titles such as Fracked, Far Cry VR: Dive into Insanity, and Phantom: Covert Ops. Tomas Gillo, Chief Development Officer at nDreams stated that the company is already engaged in developing more VR titles for its fans. The purpose of setting up a distinct live VR games studio, he said, is to provide more flexibility to developers in terms of how they work. With the project made fully remote, nDreams expects to attract more talent from all over the planet. For the company, increasing the capacity is the primary strategy to develop a more diverse portfolio and deliver more VR titles. Gillo also stated that the studio will also leverage shared technologies, learning, and infrastructure from nDreams Farnborough-based headquarters.

The company is actively looking as well as recruiting for key positions for the project. More information about the opportunities can be viewed on the nDreams website. 

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