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Navy Virtual Reality Arrives at Tolleson High

The Navy Virtual Reality is coming to Tolleson High School

Students at Tolleson High School may use the virtual reality experience provided by the Navy Outreach and Community Affairs Office to immerse themselves in a mission and get further knowledge about the Navy and its options.

Commander Kevin Kahl, commanding officer of Navy Talent Acquisition Group Phoenix, said that the Navy Outreach and Community Affairs Office is bringing what they refer to as Nimitz to Tolleson High School. It’s an interactive virtual reality (VR) experience designed to educate students, teachers, staff, and most importantly the target demographic—that is, those in the 17–24 age range—about what the Navy does. This might be difficult in dry climates like Phoenix, but allows them to participate in an operation that the Navy could do on a regular basis.

The Nimitz Virtual Reality Experience, which bears the name of the renowned Navy admiral and is the highest rank in the Navy, will be at Tolleson High School on Friday, February 23, from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Participants wear a vest and utilise an Oculus for the about 15 to 20 minute session. The assignment itself entails swiftly navigating a river in a boat.

There will be sailors, commanders, enlisted soldiers, and recruiters there to answer any questions kids may have in addition to the virtual reality experience. Additionally, there will be a physical activity station where kids may compete against one another to see who can do the most pullups on a given day.

According to Kahl, the Navy offers a plethora of chances. There are several of those chances that are well known. While the Navy is well-known for things like TOPGUN and Navy SEALs, some of its other accomplishments are less well-known. One of their favourite sayings is that the Navy most likely possesses the knowledge and experience to educate anybody how to perform any profession they desire to undertake. All it takes is asking, and the group can most likely locate that position.

The purpose of the tour is to present and reinforce the Navy’s presence in the community, particularly in Phoenix, which is close to San Diego, the location of the greatest Navy concentration. Kahl emphasised that the Navy is not limited to residents of coastal areas and takes pride in its ability to attract applicants from around the nation.

According to Kahl, students ought to be thrilled about the opportunity to speak with officers and sailors who are already serving. He said that the Navy offers a plethora of options, such as immediate college enrollment, post-enrollment college enrollment, and early technical training. Those who are present at the Nimitz will symbolise all three of those things. There is very little danger, and they can respond to any questions that may arise. On Friday, no one will enlist at Tolleson High School.

Kahl wants to see more individuals in the future seek out recruiters to speak with and learn about the military and Navy, as well as the possibilities they provide.

Opportunities in the Navy are many and diverse. According to Kahl, it encompasses all aspects of what is often known as STEM or STEAM, including engineering, specialisations in intelligence, and much more. Look for knowledge, educate yourself on it, and discover the options available. They may choose to enlist in the Navy, and after serving for one tour, or around four years, they will be eligible to receive full tuition reimbursement for college. In a short of four years after high school, one may have technical training that will lead to professional certification in both the military and the civilian sphere, and they might even already have a degree.

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