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Moth+Flame unveils a new VR immersive learning platform in collaboration with SHRM

Moth+Flame, a virtual reality (VR) and immersive training technology creator, has launched a new immersive learning marketplace that businesses can utilise for corporate training purposes. Enterprises can capitalise on rolling out appropriate training in an immersive form. These can be availed by using a virtual reality headset or an iPad. The immersive dialogue communication solution from the firm combines real human beings in realistic settings. It lets learners understand actual workplace scenarios where they can implement educational goals in order to achieve beneficial results.

Moth+Flame has teamed up with The Society for Human Resource Management or SHRM, to roll out the new set of training features. As part of this partnership, the company will put in efforts to change typical SHRM training subjects into a much more interesting and experiential style.

Founder of Moth+Flame Kevin Cornish stated that speech is the most potent instrument available to business figureheads. He said that this virtual reality experience helps trainees to manage difficult and emotive professional issues using their voices. They are able to do this in a protected simulated environment. By using this training methodology, users can practice repetitions and educate themselves for facing up to similar talks in the physical world.

The first immersive SHRM training experience, titled ‘Having Difficult Conversations,’ was established to support business leaders in addressing uncomfortable troubles with their staff. Trainees are deployed in a typical business setting in which they must handle a complex workplace dialogue concerning an employee resuming work after medical leave using compassionate listening methods.

Users may learn how to reply in actual situations with certainty by rehearsing simulated conversations in virtual reality. Participants are positioned in a secure setting to practice some tough talks that are quite crucial through the help of VR simulation. According to Moth+Flame, the VR learning experience uses the ‘Me+We+WO+RK’ template to nurture effective participation and inclusion in workplace environments. This template is based on the publication ‘Talking Taboo: Making the Most of Polarizing Discussions at Work,’ authored by Alex Alonso, Ph.D., SHRM-SCP, and Chief Knowledge Officer, SHRM.

According to Alonso, SHRM is devoted to propagating inclusion and diversity across workplaces. Taboo Talk provides the Me+We+WO+RK guide to support managers in handling uncomfortable talks in order to promote a feeling of connection and inclusiveness. This new initiative draws the paradigm to the instances in real life. It allows people to discover how they can use technology. They can learn how to overcome issues that are generally connected with difficult or sensitive workplace conversations.


Moth+Flame’s technology provides immersive experiences with groundbreaking cinematography and very realistic virtual environments that are combined with linguistic NLP and pixel-perfect avatars. The Moth+Flame platform experiences completely envelop trainees within a characterised situation that mimics probable workplace issues. Moth+Flame also stated that the programme contributes to increasing learner participation and delivers information that will enable businesses to more effectively enhance or upgrade development projects.

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