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Moth+Flame Gets Seeding Funding to Expand the Scope of Delivering VR Workforce Technology

Moth+Flame, a company specialising in the development of virtual reality (VR) technology has recently made an announcement regarding its accomplishment of $2.5 million seed funding. The funding round was being led by Bee Partners, with contributions from brands such as Service Provider Capital, First In, Spacecadet, Meeting Street Capital, and Dan Farah of Ready Player One fame.

Based on s statement from Moth+Flame, the funding will be utilised for meeting operational scalability requirements and the rising demand for VR. The company is also aiming to do some hiring in its sales and development departments.

Provide hard and soft skill learning

The Promise VR and READY VR training modules of Moth+Flame are backed by technologies such as natural language processing and artificial intelligence. These are designed to provide customisable soft and hard skill learning programmes. By combining a virtual platform with content creation tools, Moth+Flame technology provides usable solutions for private and public organisations. The company offers comprehensive virtual solutions for remote environment training whilst improving learning speed, comprehension and eliminating the hurdles of geographical barriers generally associated with physical training. Moth+Flame is a SaaS platform that offers a range of subscription plans to users.


Kevin Cornish, Founder and CEO of Moth+Flame, stated the company’s business has expanded to workspaces due to the high demand for immersive training programmes in the corporate world. He said that the company is the sole provider of solutions that can improve the skills of future workers, apart from providing solutions to meet military security needs.

Different contributions

The technology provided by the company is useful for combating issues like racial bias, preventing suicide, and creating impactful fools that are used across sectors. Cornish also emphasised that the company has succeeded in revolutionising the educational sector, saying that its investors acknowledge the different contributions made by it.

Training curriculum

The training curriculum by Moth+Flame takes users into a simulated environment and responds to their voice commands. It lets the participants engage at will within the environment. Those who rely on this technology can have real conversations with other humans, and engage in an immersive experience that can be quite emotionally rewarding to them.

Implement soft skills in workforce

The virtual reality customers of READY VR include the likes of the USAF (United States Air Force), which has entered a five-year IDIQ contract with Moth+Flame. As part of this partnership the company is developing training programmes for 12 aircraft, along with a course curriculum for sexual assault and suicide prevention. The PromiseVR platform lets enterprise customers implement soft skills in the workforce.

Different industry sectors

The technology by Moth+Flame is quite well suited for the requirements of a number of different industry sectors that are trying to normalise to the new circumstances worldwide. Companies are finding new ways to train employees and improve their skills without having access to the physical workspace, according to Michael Berolzheimer, Founder and Managing Partner, Bee Partners remarked. According to him, the new investment will support the initiatives of Moth+Flame and help it reach new customer bases.

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