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Meta Revealed All the Free Quest Drops on the First-Ever Quest Day

The first official Quest Day celebrated all things Meta Quest.

On 14th December 2021, Meta celebrated its first official Quest Day. Previously known as Facebook, the tech giant recently renamed itself to Meta to mark its upcoming venture into the metaverse. And to celebrate its future in the next-generation internet experience, it started the legacy of Quest Day, a yearly celebration, to be observed from now on.

This year, Meta took to Instagram Live throughout Quest Day and held several events. As part of the festivities, they gave out a host of free goodies to those who turned in. The goodies included a vast range of items, from virtual per accessories to cooking utensils originating in Quest. However, the merch was given away on a first come first serve basis.

The party kicked off in the morning of 24th December with an introduction of Dr. 6DOF, Creator of Meta’s Reality Lab and the host of this virtual event. Soon, the whole shindig turned into an unbelievable showcase of free product drop that featured some ridiculous items, some fake and hilarious, while some being very real. In case you are wondering what you missed, here is a list of actual Quest goodies currently heading to their lucky owners.

Pet Distraction Mat
What is the one thing you love the most but want the least to handle while you explore the metaverse? Yes, your fur babies. Meta took note and gave out a unique pet distraction mat. Shaped like the iconic Oculus logo, this silicone pet food mat is designed to keep your pets busy while you immerse yourself in the VR experience. The mat even comes with some natural pet-friendly treats safe for both pups and kitties.

Quest-Lete Grippy Socks
This is another unique product to make your VR experience more comfortable. With this uniquely designed accessory, you will never have to worry about wearing socks and playing on a slippery surface. No longer will you have to think about sliding or falling during an intense VR workout session. These custom ankle socks with grips shaped like the Meta logo will hold you firmly in your place and provide comfort.

Quest Cookie Cutter Kit
Quest fans will enjoy their holidays by savoring a plate of Quest-themed shaped cookies? So, the company delivered. The Quest Cookie Cutter Kit comes with four VR-inspired cookie cutters—a Beat Saber cube, a puffy jacket from Population: One, a Quest 2 headset, and of course, a Meta Quest logo.

Lil’ Questy
Perhaps the cutest of the lot, Lil’ Questy is a snuggly plush designed after soon to be released Quest 2 mascot. Much like its real-world counterpart, Lil’ Questy features two skimpy chicken legs, two big, bright eyes, a heartwarming smile, and zero arms. Introduced as Dr. 6DOF’s trusty sidekick, the bite-sized toy plush is expected to become a fan-favorite in no time.

Sadly, all the products were sold out as soon as they were revealed. For those who missed out on the opportunity, it is a year-long wait until the next Quest Day.


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