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Meta and Ingram Micro Partner to Revamp VR

Ingram Micro and Meta collaborate to expand use of VR technologies

Meta and Ingram Micro have forged a strategic partnership. Through this relationship, Ingram Micro’s distributors will be able to let customers explore the worlds of augmented and virtual reality. These immersive experiences have the power to influence how work and learning are done in the future.

Ingram Micro can provide companies and consumers with state-of-the-art VR solutions because of its cooperation with Meta. Ingram Micro is well positioned to provide VR experiences to a broad range of industries, including gaming, healthcare, education, and business, thanks to its alignment with Meta.

The foundation of Ingram Micro’s strategy to increase the market penetration of Meta’s VR goods and services is its extensive distribution network, strong vendor partnerships, technological know-how, and customer-focused tactics. The collaboration also seeks to empower companies and developers to push boundaries and take use of VR’s potential to improve workflows in the future. Advanced uses of this technology include virtual conferences, interactive presentations, immersive training modules, and remote collaboration solutions. Enhancing creativity, promoting teamwork, and increasing production in enterprises are the main objectives.

Users will be immersed in a singular, immersive experience that offers them access to cutting-edge apps, personalised content, and services that are tailored just for them. This satisfies the expanding demands and applications of VR across several industries. Through the Meta Quest for Business platform, enterprises may integrate virtual reality into their operations as part of this network of creative solutions. Through integration with third-party MDM providers, this platform allows administrators to remotely administer and offer business updates for Meta devices.

Tim Ament, Senior Vice President and Chief Country Executive, Ingram Micro, underscored the company’s commitment to development. He said that with the introduction of Ingram Micro XvantageTM in Australia and New Zealand this year, the company’s clients and vendor partners would be able to streamline their business processes via a smooth and customised experience. Ament underlined that the goal of the state-of-the-art platform ecosystem is to fundamentally alter how we do business.

According to Christine Trodella, Vice President, B2B commercial marketing at Meta, the amazing developments in MR technology enable consumers to acquire knowledge via proactive hands-on involvement as opposed to consumption of knowledge. This will fundamentally transform how people acquire and retain new abilities, which is a big shift for learning and development.

Reports from the VR learning platform Talespin provide evidence in favour of the efficacy of VR training, stating that it may increase confidence on the job by 275% after training and is much more successful than e-learning or classroom lectures.

Director of Australia’s Specialty and Commercial Advanced Solutions Group at Ingram Micro According to Hope McGarry, the Ingram Micro team is excited to lead this change in the nature of work since new technologies allow for innovative approaches to producing, learning, and working. According to him, they are interested in leading the field by using the distribution network to assist businesses and academic establishments in realising the potential of the metaverse and immersive virtual reality technologies.

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