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Me and My Golf & Gold5 debut VR offering for golf improvement

Virtual reality may help you become better at golf while relaxing in your own home.

The MeandMyGolf5 Academy, a ground-breaking Virtual Reality (VR) Golf Academy, has been launched by Golf5, the premier VR Golf brand created by AAA Game Studios and the team behind Me and My Golf. This academy seeks to revolutionise the way golfers improve their game. With its enjoyable, individualised, and data-driven approach to golf teaching, this immersive VR experience is poised to upend conventional golf education.

They are providing a revolutionary method of golf improvement by fusing the Golf5 technology with the well-known Me and My Golf platform.

An interactive VR experience that is the heart of the Me and My Golf5 Academy enables golfers to study and advance like never before. Users may fully immerse themselves in practice exercises and virtual courses that simulate real-world events.

The course is sent to players through a virtual simulator that is accessible while donning a VR headset and handheld controller in Golf5’s completely immersive gaming experience. It offers a realistic golfing experience by properly simulating golf swings, allowing users to play on 18-hole courses with pals across the world or practice at driving ranges virtually. Golf5’s accessibility for people wishing to experience a realistic simulation of golf at an affordable price is one of its most notable qualities.

Antonio Marn from AAA Game Studios commented that the company has made a significant advancement in golf teaching with its Golf5 innovation and VR golfing experience. He elaborated further, saying that the company’s team is delighted to work with Me and My Golf to bring this cutting-edge technology to the golf community. By effortlessly combining players’ teaching materials with their state-of-the-art VR Golf innovation and perception, they aim to revolutionise the manner in which players acquire knowledge all over the world.

According to Piers Ward from Me and My Golf, his company is ecstatic to collaborate with AAA Game Studios, the creators of revolutionary Golf5 innovations. With their background in extending the limits of VR golf innovation and developing realistic golf game scenarios, the vision for the Me and My Golf5 Academy is well suited to their capabilities. He said that they will redefine the golf instruction method by seamlessly combining their state-of-the-art VR golf innovation with pre-existing instructional resources.

Through the Me and My Golf5 Academy, driven by Golf5 innovation from AAA Game Studios, players will be given exposure to an unmatched VR setting that allows instruction and development in a novel way.

The first stage of the Me and My Golf5 Academy is slated to launch in the months that follow.

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