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Location-Based Virtual Reality is Making its Comeback with Sandbox VR

With the onset of the COVD-19, it seemed that virtual reality arcades were doomed with the grim situation of the pandemic. Even with the lockdown restrictions relaxed, people needed to maintain physical distancing protocol, and therefore, fewer and fewer users turned in the places such as Sandbox VR’s location VR experiences. However, all is not lost after all. The company is steadily re-emerging post its bankruptcy proceedings and is once again opening all its location-based VR experience facilities, including a high-profile location in Las Vegas.

Sandbox VR, the notable Hong Kong-based VR entertainment company has announced to open their new location-based virtual reality experiences and entertainment center in the Grand Canal Shoppes situated in Venetian Resort, Las Vegas by the next couple of months of 2021. This is the first time in the history of Sandbox VR that they have aimed at Las Vegas. Sandbox VR’s CEO Steve Zhao reported that their company will be taking over the place that was formerly owned by The Void, another giant in the space of social virtual reality entertainment based at retail locations.

Extraordinary Immersive experience

The existing locations of Sandbox VR, such as the one in San Francisco, were a huge favorite among VR enthusiasts for providing an extraordinary immersive experience. They offer users exclusive full-body motion tracking that makes them feel like living in a true-to-life, yet alternate reality. They contained features more than home VR headsets. For example, it had sensors to be strapped on the wrist and the shoes to track users’ motion better. Also, players wore backpacks carrying powerful laptops that were connected to advanced VR headsets. This provides a truly immersive experience for players and makes playing VR games with your friends more enjoyable.

Feeling of enjoyment

This feeling of enjoyment, shared with your buddies, is back once again, said Zhao. As the country gradually overcomes the prolonged threat of the infectious virus, people too are reportedly coming back to Sandbox VR’s locations in Austin and Chicago. Not just these two sites but also the overall data from the entire country indicates that the demand has increased to a surprising 30% since the beginning of the pandemic. The locations at Chicago and Austin have already been able to open the facilities with government-mandated safety protocols in place and they are receiving almost the same number of patrons as they did before. The customers too are reportedly adhering to safety measures. More than 90% of the patrons are booking their slots ahead via online booking.

Ramp up production

With active COVID-19 cases decreasing and vaccine rollout steadily accelerating across the United States, Sandbox VR has promptly started to ramp up production in anticipation of a significant influx of user interest post pandemic. CEO Steve Zhao stated that everyone in the company is optimistic as well as confident at the same time that once the fear and risk factors subside, interest in social VR experience will again peak among customers and they will come back to Sandbox VR’s locations with renewed enthusiasm. He also said the company is ready to serve its patrons at all their locations with brand-new VR experiences and immersive entertainment.

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