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Latest First Class Lounge design at Changi Airport features Qantas VR features

Virtual reality (VR) technology is being utilised by Qantas for the development process of its latest First Lounge located at the Changi Airport. The venue is set to launch towards the tail end of 2019.

Qantas is partnering with the team of industrial design professional David Caon and his associates, who have been responsible for creating an immersive VR model of the design idea. Caon and his team are aiding Qantas in the aspect of previewing its lounges.

The First Lounge will play host to an estimated 240 guests. It is expected to have an elegant and glamorous design, along with a vivid and exquisite dining experience which draws inspiration from the rich culture of Singapore. The latest lounge offering from Qantas will cater mainly to transit travelers. It will offer a number of much-needed conveniences including shower spaces, open kitchen and a la carte dining, a cocktail bar and charging stations for portable devices.

Alison Webster, CEO, Qantas International Airways, the incorporation of virtual reality will help the brand come up with a completely new way of ascertaining that their lounge offering measures up to the most fundamental needs of the customers, even before the building phase starts.

Webster elaborated regarding the development, stating that virtual reality technology is already utilised by the company for the purpose of promoting its destinations. According to her, this is the very first time that the company is using VR for gaining a better understanding of lounge design. The idea of getting immersed within the confines of a virtual lounge is useful for facilitating a clearer sense of space, and the dimensions of things.

She explained that the airline is well aware of how it’s customers prefer to dine within the lounge area, to get better sleep while on the flight. Keeping this in consideration, the lounge layout will provide guests a lot of space and luxurious seating options, where they can eat, relax and even get busy.

Singapore is the biggest hub for Qantas, outside Australia, and a vital part of the airline network. The demand for premium cabin commute to Singapore is quite high. That is why Qantas is gearing up for enhancing its First class offerings with a state of the art luxury lounge.

David Caon, the designer, recently unveiled the details of its interiors. He remarked that the use of a neutral colour scheme, exquisite premium-quality materials, and highlights created in a leafy green shade, can make customers instantly relaxed as they make their way into the lounge.

The Singapore lounge utilises marble and oak, similar to the Sydney lounge. Yet, it has facets that reflect the rich and diverse culture of Singapore. There might even be technology implementations for helping guests sync to time zone changes. According to Caon, VR has revamped the design process completely, by bringing two-dimensional content to life.

Qantas will also embark on an upgrading spree of its lounges in locations like Auckland, Brisbane, Tokyo, Hobart and Sydney.

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