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Key New York Location Launched by VR World

VR World has recently announced the launch of its biggest mixed reality (MR) experience centre in North America. Spread over an area of 12,000 square-foot, the immersive technology location with three levels is located right at the centre of Midtown Manhattan. The first VR World location was launched in 2017 to significant fanfare, becoming a one-stop-shop delivering varied experiences to the urban crowd and travellers. It offers immersive mixed reality gaming, film, art and music features for audiences.

VR World, with its newly-launched flagship venue, is looking forward to developing an entertaining, cutting-edge social experience. It will be an address where people can get immersed in new worlds, whilst socialising with the aid of interactive setups, MR-based entertainment, and exclusive cocktails. The new venue is set to exhibit a good deal of immersive entertainment experiences, which are quite different from conventional options out there. Some experiences include visitors being able to explore the Orion Nebula, making escape attempts from an Egyptian Pyramid, showing their creativity, racing against their friends, and stay alive through a zombie apocalypse.

The experiences being offered show how social entertainment will turn out to be in the future. They can appeal to a broad selection of target audiences, ranging from gamers and film-lovers to those just wanting to have some fun. Visitors at the venue can look forward to experiencing a wide range of motions, as it blends various topics and genres into a rich adventure encounter. Leo Tsimmer, CEO of VR World, remarked that the new platform exhibits technological advancement and adds a human aspect to technology, to unite people in a real-time social setting.

Stylish VR World in New York Manhattan. Image source: VRWorld

Mark Foster Gage of MFGA Architects designed the venue, which also houses a modern sculpture with a 30-feet height. The sculpture features a huge projection capable of incorporating elements like ice blocks, shimmering underwater fauna, and fractal landscapes. Named Hypercube, it was developed by the Endless Co. studio and features modern software that lets digital artists display their work. In addition to the artistic games, the venue also features a trendy bar and lounge that functions as a nightlife address for guests 21 and above. It offers novel experiences accentuated by the combination of craft cocktails and modern technology.

Visitors can also look forward to night-time programs, live DJ sets, and club events. The main and basement levels of the club will play host to VR content as well as activations and feature another bar. It has a mezzanine floor setup with lounge seats for visitors to enjoy each other’s company, as they gaze at mixed reality installations.

The New York flagship location is the first instance of VR World’s future endeavours, set to roll out across urban marketplaces next year. The company will also advance its programs for students in the future. Additionally, VR World will play host to innovative industry panels focused on VR, apart from cultural events that unite different communities. VR World intends to harness the entire scale of capabilities of VR headsets.

The venue is situated at Midtown Manhattan’s 8 E 34th Street. Visitors have the option of purchasing a two-hour pass for $44, whilst an all-day pass is available for $64.

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