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KAT VR Launches Next-Generation Virtual Reality Treadmill

KAT VR, the leading manufacturer of omnidirectional VR treadmills, has launched their second-generation VR treadmill—KAT WALK MINI S. The cutting-edge device is specifically designed for VR gaming arcades as well as industry applications.

In terms of manufacturing omnidirectional VR treadmills, KAT VR has already made its mark in the VR industry. As one of the pioneers in the field, it offers several versions of artificial locomotion and related solutions tailored for consumers, enterprises, and professional use. Last week, the company announced the launch of its latest iteration of virtual reality treadmill—the KAT WALK MINI S. this next-gen omnidirectional treadmill, as mentioned, has been designed keeping the needs of VR arcades and industrial training applications in mind. Besides, it features advanced walking technologies powered by haptic feedback, which promises more realistic movements in virtual reality.

Unbelievable Level of Immersion.

KAT VR reportedly used exclusive vibration modules directly built into the KAT WALK MINI S platform to provide this unbelievable level of immersion in their new VR product. This unique feature allows users to feel things while being within the virtual world, such as the deafening feeling of an explosion, the recoiling after a gunshot, the rumble of thunder, earthquake, and any other situation that involves the feeling of vibration that you might experience in real-life.

Exciting Actions

Apart from the true-to-life feeling, the device also offers a range of exciting actions, including the ability to back up, sprint, or turn around quickly. It also incorporates a newly-designed control center that features an in-built cable management system. This technology helps you to move freely within the virtual world. Together, they are craftily designed to give you an enhanced VR experience.

Exclusive Software

The omnidirectional VR treadmill can also be personalized using exclusive software. The range of software allows you to alter the haptics based on your requirements or even your preference. For example, if you want a more intense experience, you can crank up the default haptics with the control center and feel the ground underneath your feet shaking violently. If you are not comfortable with the intensity, simply dial it back through the same control center.

Learning Curve

To develop the brand-new KAT WALK MINI S, the developers have also taken into account the learning curve of the users via a re-optimized base. As a result, the ergonomics of the new device will effectively support the unique biochemical pattern of a user’s natural gait. This, consequently, will further enhance the VR experience on the treadmill.

Track Feet Movement

The KAT WALK MINI S comes equipped with KAT VR’s exclusive quick-boarding shoe covers that allow the device to track the feet movement even when the users are wearing their own footwear. However, a user can also opt for KAT VR’s shoes dedicatedly optimized for tracking movements in virtual reality. These shoes will give consumers four different levels of friction and they can be adjusted as per their needs as well.

KAT VR’s omnidirectional VR treadmills have been used in various industries since its debut in more than 80 professional projects, including traffic planning, disaster prevention, railway maintenance, construction, and so on. The new KAT WALK MINI is also expected to be received with the same enthusiasm by users all around the world,

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