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Irish VR company develops healthcare solution for Kenya health professional training in association with Oxford University 

Immersive VR Education (IVRE), an Irish virtual reality/augmented reality software company, is set to exhibit its newest offering to the VR medical technology market. It will showcase its ENGAGE Platform at the Virtual Medicine Conference 2019, a sold-out event that will take place at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, during March 27 and 28.

Virtual reality developers in the company have been putting in efforts in the domain of med-tech with the purpose of creating a VR-based solution for training and practice of healthcare. IVRE had started a collaboration with HTC Vive and academics from Oxford University to create a simulation titled Life-Saving Instruction for Emergencies (LIFE). The simulation aims to see explore how infant emergency care levels can be enhanced with virtual-based distance learning.

CEO and Co-founder of VR Education, David Whelan, revealed that the work being done in partnership with Oxford on the Life:VR was spectacular. The ENGAGE platform facilitates affordable digital education and training for students, corporate trainers, and educators on a global level. It provides less costly onsite training. The LIFE:VR team ran trials of the technology in training institutes and hospitals in Kenya. As part of the Oxford partnership, a module related to the resuscitation was created on the basis of ETAT+ training, is already in use for training developing country health workers.

The team of researchers who will get back to Kenya during this year’s April has started exploring how low-cost virtual reality can be used for educating healthcare workers.

Whelan spoke in detail regarding the development of Life-saving Instruction for Emergencies (LIFE). According to him, the programme was developed to enable larger numbers of healthcare professionals to gain access to high-grade training for solving challenges related to scattered nursing and medical training in Kenya. A mobile and virtual reality platform has been developed to disseminate information to health workers regarding the management of medical emergencies.

According to Whelan, LIFE steps up the effectiveness of the scenario-oriented training methods similar to those used in traditional face-to-face training, similar to ETAT+ admission care and ETAT+ [14, 15]. Over 5000 healthcare professionals and 2000 students have already been trained using ETAT+ in countries like Kenya, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Sierra Leone, Malawi, and Myanmar.

The Virtual Medicine Conference is a 2-day symposium playing host to numerous talented VR-based individuals at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre. It is set to attract renowned VR therapeutics from all corners of the globe. The VR Education platform will be exhibited in front of the event’s attendees during the two days, who will also be engaged in conversations. As part of the VR Education demo, live training actors will be seen performing an event involving medical training.

Whelan expressed his views, acknowledging the Virtual Medicine Conference as a prominent event for the company during 2019. He expressed that his brand’s platform is effective and will find use in treatments across the world.




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