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Interality introduces a Memeverse virtual environment for MemeChat

Interality is a company specialising in the development of technologies and conventions for facilitating user-driven encounters. It is also the creator of Virtual World Engine enabling businesses, groups and creators to generate full-fledged virtual worlds. Recently, the company has put in its efforts to create a virtual world for the popular meme application, Memechat.

The Memeverse offering became a reality through the combined efforts of MemeChat and Interality, with the latter also having a considerable presence as a provider of VR world engine services. Within the realms of the Memeverse Virtual Reality World, users will be able to explore the Metaverse, buy products and services, play games and get access to redeemable NFTs. This world offers a selection of both augmented reality and virtual reality experiences. The Memeverse offering can be simultaneously enjoyed by multiple users and participants can join with their friends through their smartphones, computers or VR headgear.

Upon entering the domain of this virtual world, users are able to step into the shoes of their favourite Avatar, which is some popular meme of their liking. They can then partake in shopping for NFTs and digital products, interact with live versions of famous meme characters within an AR setting, record footage of the same, and share the same. Farheen Ahmad, Interality CEO and Founder expressed his enthusiasm about the project, acknowledging the presence of MemeChat as one of the most widely used and large meme applications currently available for users. She also emphasised that some of the biggest Indian meme accounts are handled by the company. Ahmad was excited about the opportunity of working together on MemeChat on the virtual world venture.

Ahmad remarked that memes are among the most prominent representatives of current online culture, adding that introducing the same to the Metaverse has been quite an exciting pursuit. According to Ahmad, Memeverse is offering users a brand new way to discover and share content. Within it, they can take a trip across a fully immersive virtual world, become NFT meme content owners, and have virtual interactions with AR-based meme characters. In addition, there is also a reward system in place.

Visitors can examine the intriguing digital space of Memeverse, which has a lot of memes and popular characters, spend time with their loved ones, and shop for some memes and assets available on it. This includes shopping for NFTs of memes, staking their claim on exciting offers and freebies, and clicking stylish selfies with the memes. To top all of this off, users within Memeverse can easily make recordings of different parts of their AR experiences and share the same with others.

Concerning the affiliation, MemeChat CEO and Co-Founder Kyle Fernandes said that one of the most fascinating experiences for an Internet user could be to exist in an environment where are able to invest in memes. He described the Memeverse as a place where both AR and VR memes are brought to life. Fernandes expressed his excitement about the collaboration with Interality to jointly develop Memeverse for ourselves. He emphasised that the new virtual world is set to be a revolutionary offering for the user base of MemeChat.

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