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Industrial Virtual Reality Headset with Human-Eye Resolution Launched

Varjo, an industry-grade VR and XR technology headset developer, has made an announcement regarding the very first human-eye resolution virtual reality system in the world. Known as the Varjo VR-1, the device has a contemporary design geared towards professionals who ply their trade in sectors like engineering, architecture, construction, industrial design, and training. Virtual reality is set to become a major game-changer for these industries, as it will enable faster product design life cycles, increase the effectiveness of training, and save financial resources and time.  

The Varjo VR-1 is the world’s very first virtual reality-based device facilitating 20/20 vision and incomparable fidelity.

© Provided by CNBC LLC Varjo’s VR-1 headset

It is also the first headset from Varjo offering up a resolution upwards of 60 pixels per degree, which is a value 20 times higher than any virtual reality headset available currently. The VR-1 is also equipped with state of the art integrated-type eye-tracking technology, which enables highly accurate analytics and seamless interaction with virtual reality content with human-eye resolution.

The VR-1 headset from the Varjo stable is also the developer’s first product to use its renowned patent and optics technology. These technologies have been developed over the last couple of years by the more than 100 developers, engineers, and developers working for the company. Many of these individuals are highly skilled with past employment in companies like Intel, Microsoft, Nokia, and NVIDIA.

Varjo has been an active collaborator, having been associated with various global-level Early Access partners, including Audi, Saab, Volkswagen, Sellen, AirBus, Volvo, Bohemia Interactive Simulations, and Foster & Partners. The VR-1 has been customised for each of these brands to achieve their respective objectives.

The Varjo VR-1 is being sold and shipped to 34 countries across Europe and North America, apart from Hong Kong. The device is retailing for $5995 USD currently, and $995 USD has to be paid annually for an additional service licence. The VR-1 is not available in the consumer market and can be availed by business organisations and educational institutions. It can effectively perform in demanding use-cases which demand unparalleled visual fidelity. Some use case instances include VR pilot training and VR-based prototype designing and interaction. Using the device can help to save considerable costs, time, and modelling expenses.

Using advanced tools will help his brand build premium cars. The Varjo VR-1 is ideal for designing within a virtual reality environment, mainly due to its incredibly high resolution. -Jan Pflueger, Coordination Augmented & Virtual Reality at Audi

The VR-1 comes with a number of exciting features which help it stand apart from the crowd of VR devices. It has a cutting-edge bionic display, a proprietary industry-standard 20/20 Eye Tracker, and highly realistic virtual workflows with support for various 3D engines.

The company has managed to gain funds amounting to $46M USD and is using that for the production and worldwide shopping of the VR-1 device. It has entered into a partnership with Flex, a globally leading Original Device Manufacturing partner.





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