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Indian Healthcare Firm Starts VR Training to Improve Skills

Indian Healthcare Firm Starts VR Training to Improve Skills
Indian Healthcare Firm Uses VR to Bridge Knowledge Gaps

The purpose of the MediSim VR healthcare lab in Gujarat is to improve professional and student performance.

MediSim VR in Gujarat inaugurated a virtual reality training centre late last week with the goal of teaching both new and experienced healthcare professionals. This announcement highlights the VR Skill Training Lab, situated at KD Hospital and the first of its type in the healthcare industry.

The training centre will offer XR hardware and software solutions, allowing professionals and students to engage safely and often with immersive learning situations.  

Dr. Adith Chinnaswami, Co-Founder of MediSim VR, went on to say that developing Gujarat’s first VR skill training lab in collaboration with KD Hospital is a key milestone for MediSim VR. The new lab will help students and healthcare professionals strengthen their skills by providing hands-on experience, which will increase their confidence and comprehension of medical procedures.

The announcement comes at the same time as Medisim VR is pioneering projects in the area of virtual healthcare education. The solution supplier provides VR settings, AI-ready evaluation tools, and support to assist India’s medical personnel improve their preparedness.

The learning facility was launched by Gujarat’s Minister of Health and Family Welfare, the Honourable Rushikesh Patel, and MediSim VR is helping to bridge the knowledge gap between healthcare theory and practice.

Furthermore, since the new VR training lab is an approved regional Centre of Excellence (CoE), KD Hospital healthcare workers and students are allowed to use the facility. Furthermore, the company promotes healthcare education in the state and assists Gujarati nurses who work locally.

Furthermore, KD Hospital’s executive director, Dr. Anuja Desai, said that incorporating this cutting-edge simulation training technology into the curriculum improves the educational experience of the institution’s students. They also act as a training ground for Gujarat’s medical experts. The MediSim VR Lab, a Centre of Excellence, will be critical in strengthening nursing students’ abilities. They take great pride in leading this educational transition and preparing students to be tomorrow’s healthcare leaders.

The developments in Medisim VR correspond with an expected surge in XR healthcare solutions in the United States and elsewhere. Dimension Industry Research published a research in May with growth projections for the healthcare augmented and virtual reality sector. The analysis projects that the industry would have a considerable increase in the next years.

Dimension Market Research forecasts that the worldwide augmented and virtual reality healthcare market will develop at a 20.2 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) to $19.6 billion by 2033.

According to the estimate, the market value would climb by more than $15.2 billion by 2024, reaching $3.7 billion.

The AR/VR healthcare market in North America is the primary driver of industry growth, accounting for 51.1% of total industry revenue by 2024. According to Dimension Market Research, the region’s rise might be attributed to considerable expenditures in R&D, a greater embracing of technology, and government assistance that encourages industrial usage.

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