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Immersive VR Experience and A New Ultrasound System Await Visitors at UNCONVENTIONAL 2020

Mindray will display a unique customer experience at the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP). The renowned global manufacturer and supplier of medical tools will attend ACEP’s UNCONVENTIONAL 2020 Annual meeting. They will showcase their new AI-powered Smart Tools, BeneVision N-Series Patient Monitoring Platform, and the ME8 Ultrasound System, all through an interactive and immersive VR platform.

ACEP, the biggest global emergency medicine conference, will happen digitally from October 26-29, 2020. Ultrasound’s Director of Marketing, Maher Elhihi, said that while emergency care is available 24×7, the worldwide pandemic has pushed these divisions into overdrive in a manner never witnessed before in modern medicine’s history.

Amidst this quick shift, Mindray has operated hard and drove innovation forward. They have ensured optimized devices that will fulfill the frontline heroes’ evolving needs. The firm is dedicated to providing better solutions along with empowering clinicians to focus their energy on their patients.

Cleaning and Disinfection

Mindray has understood the importance of both infection control as well as prevention of device deterioration. They have thereby designed the TE7 and ME8 Ultrasound Systems with sealed UI for improved fluid resistance, high chemical resistance, a broad range of disinfectant compatibility, and ease of disinfection.

They also have iVocal voice operation that allows touchless processes that help avoid cross-contamination. The BeneVision N-Series patient monitors are created with durable and industry-leading resins. They are highly compatible with several commonly used disinfectants and also lowers the ingress as well as fluid retention.

Intelligent Ultrasound

Today, unique tools that can quickly examine gravely ill patients are more vital than before. The company’s ME8 Ultrasound System and TE7 Ultrasound System Crystal Series 2.0 present AI-enabled Smart Tools that support Fluid Management. It also includes Smart IVC, Smart B-Line, and Smart VTI.

They can expedite the evaluation of volume status as well as volume responsiveness through exam automation, thereby lowering user error and minimizing keystrokes to enhancing exam efficiencies.

Apart from these, the ME8 is the firm’s first laptop-based ultrasound system, and the ZONE Sonography Technology powers it. The system blends premium image quality with an exceptional user experience to offer efficient and reliable diagnosis amidst challenging exams.

Immersive Experience

Mindray’s virtual reality experience will be another key highlight. The virtual reality format is designed with clinicians in mind, and it lets healthcare professionals worldwide conveniently and safely explore the innovations in Emergency Medicine.

The company’s patient monitors and ultrasound systems promise maximum engagement, with no additional technology required; laptop, tablet, desktop, and mobile-friendly. Mindray members will be present all the time to answer any query from attendees.

Gap-Free Monitoring

Mindray’s BeneVision N-Series Patient Monitoring Platform is a unique system that implements capacitive touchscreen technology across its every monitor. Through its swipe control and multi-gesture touch, clinicians can do rapid clinical review and analysis.

Incorporating the same UI across the whole suite, the system aids clinical proficiency and unprecedented usability. Also, the BeneVision N1 system offers gap-free monitoring from the point of admission to discharge.


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