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HP Unveils Next-gen WMR Reverb G2 with massive Improvements and Affordable Price

HP recently revealed the Reverb G2 headset, which will have an array of enhancements to the WMR product ecosystem. New controllers, better tracking, high-quality off-ear headphones and top-grade visual clarity makes it highly anticipated. The Reverb G2 is available for pre-order at $600 only and is launching this fall.

The company had released the original Reverb headset in 2019. A year has passed and its successor, the Reverb G2 is set to provide extra. Based on the announced upgrades, it can be said that HP kept their ears open to feedback from the previous Reverb product users and other WMR headsets as well. This new product is going to lead the new generation of Windows VR headsets.

First-time Four Camera Tracking

Back in 2017, Windows VR headsets were the leaders of inside-out tracking. While it was major at that time, rival brands like Oculus have since introduced headsets with 4 or more camera tracking which offers better tracking volume.

In the world of WMR headset, Reverb G2 is the first to transit from 2-camera to 4-camera tracking. According to HP, the extra cameras provide 1.4x more movement capture, unlike any other Windows VR headsets.

New and Better Optics and Display

Reverb G2 has a resolution similar to the original Reverb. Although the latest headset offers 2,160 x 2,160 per-eye, its new display offers massive improvements along with lower persistence, brightness and contrast. HP said that Valve has assisted in designing and calibrating the new lenses. Now Reverb G2 has superb clarity, making it one of the best consumer VR headsets.

One of the reasons why Reverb is ahead of the rest is because the display is not only of higher resolution but also smaller compared to some other headsets. This makes the pixels per degree better if extended over a larger field of view. According to HP, Reverb G2 holds the same 114-degree field of view as the original Reverb.

New WMR Headset-Compatible Controllers

Reverb G2 is going to be the first Windows VR headset to deliver an effective controller redesign. Samsung might have made a little more ergonomic Windows VR controllers for its Odyssey headsets but HP will introduce notable alterations to the shape and input layout.

The Reverb G2 controllers resemble the shape of the Oculus Touch controllers, they provide a closer input layout to different new-age VR controllers; like an analogue button, application button, two face buttons and a thumbstick, as well as a grip trigger. A Windows button is also available for core WMR functionality.

According to HP, the G2 controllers and other Windows VR headsets are backwards compatible, meaning that those WMR users who are content with their existing headset can upgrade their controllers. The company said that they are planning to offer the G2 controllers and headsets separately for this reason. However, that will take time to happen even after the headset is launched. The pricing for the controllers is yet to be heard.

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