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HP Partners with Microsoft and Valve for Cutting-edge VR Headset

HP is entering into a partnership with Microsoft and Valve for the development of a new VR headset. The virtual reality headset is being considered as the next big thing in the arena of VR headsets.

HP, the technology giant, which had released the Reverb VR headset a year back, is now getting back into the game for a follow-up development. It has partnered with gaming company Valve and technology behemoth Microsoft for the development of their next-gen virtual reality headset.

The announcement came as a video posted on the Steam network, and it came at an appropriate time. This is because of the highly anticipated release of the virtual reality game Half-Life: Alyx. The news also came simultaneously with the release of Half-Life: Alyx. This game has been developed in virtual reality right from its framework. Details about the new virtual reality headset are not out yet. But, HP has expressed that the new offering will set the bar high for VR headsets of the future.

HP also said that it followed a no-compromises approach during the headset’s developmental phase. This suggests that the new VR headset may not be an entry-level offering. Claims made by the company also suggest that the device would have more processing power than its predecessor Reverb.

A new VR headset is in development at HP. Image source: HP

HP’s partnership with Microsoft and Valve signifies that the new virtual reality headset might support Windows Mixed Reality and SteamVR. Based on the official synopsis information released by Steam, the next-gen HP Virtual Reality HMD, developed through a partnership with Valve and Microsoft, is capable of delivering immersive and cosy VR experiences to participants. The synopsis ended calling the headset as the trendsetter in the VR arena.

The Steam store featured an image of the new headset by HP, making it evident that it looks quite similar to the Reverb headset released a year back. Hence, the headset is not a new product but a follow-up offering to the HP Reverb headset. The build and aesthetics of the HP Reverb headset are not overwhelmingly impressive. But the headset did feature a commendable 2160 x 2160 pixels per eye specification. That value is more than what key competition Vive Pro offers.

With HP Reverb, the company had targeted its commercial client base mostly. There is no clear indication about the direction the new headset is set to take, as HP has not revealed such details. But, its partnership with Microsoft and Valve signifies that the headset might be more consumer-focussed. Many key details of the headset have not yet been released to date. There is also no information about the estimated price and the release date of the VR offering. The fact that the device is unlikely to be an entry-level virtual reality headset, makes it clear the prospective buyers can expect to see a higher price.

The ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic has delayed developmental efforts for many Valve offerings. It might also lead to HP delaying the release of their new headset.

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