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Honda to Speed-up Acura MDX’s Production by Aligning VR Technology

Honda to Speed-up Acura MDX’s Production by Aligning VR Technology
Honda motor company to begin production of the Acura MDX 2020 this week. The entire training procedure will implement the strategic use of virtual reality training software. The company will combine its traditional training process with the VR training technique to speed up production work.

Vizendo software

The motivated training associates at Honda motor will adopt the VR training software to engage with the system better and to produce the best result. They will work with an innovative and advanced tool. This immersive tool will allow training associates to get a better understanding of the training procedure and help shape their ideas that transform Acura MDX into the best version. Acura MDX’s training director, Mr. Joey Sippel, explained how sincerely he wanted to use the VR training software to influence trainees to create a tool that touches life.

The training tool used for manufacturing Acura MDX is a touchscreen system, working in affiliation with a software known as the Vizendo software. The combined software tool has four different difficulty levels. At the first level, also the easiest one, various systems, and parts are highlighted with a flash on the touchscreen. The training associates will have to touch the flashing display to know more about a particular subject. This is an entirely interactive training procedure where the trainee has to choose the right parts and tools required in the assembly process. By the time the trainee reaches level four, he imitates the manufacturing process that he would execute on the assembly line.

Develop new skills

In his interview, Sippel also explained his desire to make the production process as easy as possible. This is the major reason the company geared up manufacturing work by introducing a hybrid training process. Besides virtual training, the associates also learn traditional techniques that help them develop new skills, unravel innovative techniques, and become more familiar with the production process.

Trust the process

The output of the redesigned MDX, which is of the fourth generation of SUV, began on the 12th of January in Central Ohio’s East Liberty Plant. About fifteen hundred training associates have undergone eight thousand hybrid training sessions on the Vizendro software. These numbers reflect the vitality of the training program of the Acura MDX project for the company owner.

The automaker has been operating on redesigning the MDX for about 5 years. The manufacturing and the development team started off with their redesigning tasks at an off-site location. Since then, they have been taking test drives and examining models made by competitors. The employees of the development team conferred with the production group. They discussed whether fresh features could be added to the existing equipment. They even installed a new piece at the East Liberty: a five thousand ton stamping press. The new model of Acura MDX will have a fender and hood made of aluminum. This will effectively improve fuel efficiency and reduce the weight of the model.

In a nutshell, the MDX is going to be a stunning style that will have its impact beyond sales.

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