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Holoride introduces VR for automobiles

Select Audi vehicles now have virtual reality thanks to the debut of the VR platform Holoride. What should you anticipate from VR in a car?

Germany’s startup In the backseat of a car, Holoride provides VR experiences that are synchronised with driving. You can play virtual reality games, use virtual reality applications, and access other material while driving using an HTC Vive Flow.

Holoride employs what it refers to as Elastic Content, as a digital medium to submerge backseat travellers in imaginary worlds. Holoride intelligently adjusts the VR experience to multiple vehicle data points, such as navigational and sensor data, in real-time.

Users may therefore feel curves, speed, and slowdown in VR thanks to the creation of a continuously shifting simulated space. There will be access to 2D movies and HTC Phone Mirroring in addition to VR games. Android smartphone displays can flash in the virtual reality headset when using mobile apps like Netflix or Disney+.

Holoride also plans to provide a streaming browser for websites like Twitch, and YouTube, as well as others. In a motion-synchronised scenario, 2D applications are shown on an online display in cinematic style. It is anticipated that this would get rid of fragile people’s motion sickness issues.

Cloudbreakers: Leaving Heaven is one of the VR games that will be accessible when Holoride debuts. The game was created by Schell Games, the studio behind Until You Fall, I Expect You To Die 1 and 2, and Among Us VR.

In this game, users take control of a flying mech, take out adversarial robots, and gather resources to advance. The longer one survives, the harder it gets for them. In the long term, Holoride material will also be produced by studios like Magnopus, ARVORE, or Tripp.

The Holoride Pioneers Pack, which is 699 euros, has been offered on the Holoride site since the 1st week of November. It comes with a safety strap, an 8BitDo Pro 2 controller, and the HTC Vive Flow virtual reality headset. The strap, which is fastened to the seatbelt in the car, is designed to offer safety against any sudden mishaps during driving sessions.

A one-year membership to the Holoride service is also offered. It may be extended monthly for 19.99 euros after the subscription period finishes. The price drops to 14.99 euros monthly if you prepay for an entire year. In the upcoming months, the application library will be regularly enlarged. It currently contains all of the information that is currently accessible.

Starting in the middle of November, certain Audi vehicles will be equipped with Holoride. These vehicles range from the A4 through the A8, the Q5, the Q7, and the Q8, as well as the electric Audi e-tron, e-tron GT, and e-tron Sportsback.

A regulated chassis and the MIB 3 infotainment equipment from the Audi Connect Navigation & Infotainment equipment kit are essential. They must not choose Remote Parking Assist Plus when the above functionality is active.

Holoride intends to debut in other European and Asian markets towards the end of this year, and in the United States early next year. Holoride is owned by Audi, but in the future, cars from other manufacturers will also be able to use the technology. Since the partnership with HTC is not proprietary, it could be feasible in the near future to use Holoride with other virtual reality headsets.

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