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Holoride introduces VR experiences to cars with new retrofit

Extended reality (XR) in-vehicle entertainment company Holoride recently announced its soon-to-be-available retrofit device at the CES 2023 event. The Holoride retrofit is a small device that adds the organization’s brand platform to cars of any year, model, and design.

The company’s efforts to realise its primary goal of making all cars ready for the Holoride enter a new phase with the debut of the unit, which is about the size of a smart speaker.

The lightweight Holoride retrofit, which is less than 1/2 a pound in mass, may be affixed using a suction cup to remain on a car’s window. The gadget’s li-ion battery, according to the company, can last for 14 hours with a single charge, and a USB-C to USB-A adapter that comes with it enables users to leave the device connected while they are on the go. Two passengers may use Holoride at once in the vehicle by connecting up to two headsets at once to the retrofit.

The CEO and co-founder of Holoride, Nils Wollny, said that introducing the new Holoride refit marks the beginning of a new era for Holoride. He elaborated that the goal of providing a manufacturer-neutral entrance point into the “Motorverse” has at last been realised. Every new ride serves as the model for one’s next immersive trip in Holoride’s adaptable virtual experiences, which are now accessible from any vehicle.

Holoride retrofit links to virtual reality (VR) headgear through Bluetooth, using the same technology as the 2023 Audi cars that are already equipped with the technology to accommodate Holoride. This provides the movement and position data that Holoride’s software requires to create its distinctive Elastic Content.

By responding in real-time to vehicle motion, the platform’s adaptive content library creates a dynamic in-headset experience that is meant to boost comfortability by reducing motion sickness. The company claims that thanks to the retrofit, the new features can now be added to any automobile.

A new release by ARVORE, the game Pixel Ripped 1995: On the Road (PEGI7), is available to users as part of the introduction of Holoride retrofit thanks to an update to the Holoride library. All Holoride subscribers get access to Pixel Ripped 1995: On the Road.

CEO of ARVORE Ricardo Justus remarked that the ARVORE team is enthusiastic about pushing boundaries with new technology and the potential of the VR medium in its projects. According to him, the team decided to experiment with a version of its widely popular game to a completely new setting in a moving car to create a very distinctive experience in Pixel Ripped 1995: On the Road using Holoride’s technology to explore building a game in completely new surroundings in a very inventive manner.

A Holoride retrofit, the HTC VIVE Flow headgear, one-year access to the Holoride network, a restraint belt, and all people need to get started are included in the retrofit Pack, which costs USD $799. The Holoride retrofit may also be purchased separately for the price of USD $199.

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