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Glam Up Your Ready Player Me Avatar with Exclusive VR Fashion

Ready Player Me, the popular VR avatar platform has joined forces with metaverse fashion house RTFKT to launch a brand-new line of fashion items and other collectibles for its users.

For the first time in metaverse history, users of Ready Player Me can claim more than $10,000 worth of exclusive VR avatar clothing and accessories from RTFKT. Using these cool fashion items, fans can now customize their look and stand apart from the crowd. This exclusive RTFKT fashion line is reportedly inspired by some of the most popular items of the notable digital fashion leaders of today’s time, such as “Fewo Shoes”, “Cyber Sneakers”, and “Meta Jacket”. They are now available for use across the entire VR avatar platform, be it Mozilla Hubs or VRChat.

Team up with RTFKT

Timmu Tõke, CEO of Ready player Me told the press that his company is excited to team up with RTFKT, given the fact that RTFKT is a highly reputable VR brand and respected by everyone within the metaverse. He also stated that both the company are looking forward to the collaboration and are hopeful about the outcome, for they share a strong synergy and vision as partners.

Many world in the metaverse

Responding to Tõke’s remarks, RTFKT’s Co-Founder Benoit Pagotto said that everyone at RTFKT wants to see the brand present in as many worlds in the metaverse as possible. To this end, the partnership with such a widely renowned platform as Ready Player Me is the best opportunity they can ever get. He added that donning RTFKT apparel is like an instant status symbol in the metaverse. Therefore, the partnership was an easy decision, considering it would allow RTFKT to provide the exclusive collection to all the fans across several platforms and VR ecosystems.

Dedicated webpage

To grab your branded VR threads, you will have to access the dedicated webpage at via a web browser or smartphone. But before choosing any VR apparel, you need to take a selfie and upload it on the website to generate a 3D avatar of yourself. Once you have your  avatar ready, you can manually customize your look, including your skin tone, hairstyle, eye color, as well as other physical features. Along with your features, you can also access exclusive RTFKT ensembles from this option. For now, you can choose from two options, one featuring “Cyber Sneakers” and “Meta Jackets” and the other one featuring “Fewo Shoes”. However, if you already own a Ready Player Me VR avatar, you will have to create a new one to access the VR clothing options. Both ensembles are available for free.

Nevertheless, for any high-fashion brand, scarcity generates value. This is the case with these exclusive RTFKT exclusive items as well. This means the VR fashion items will be accessible for a limited time only. So, you need to move quickly if you want to grab a few cool clothing and accessories for your avatar.

For more information on the exclusive RTFKT VR fashion ensemble, you can visit the Ready Player Me website.

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