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Get Rid of Needle Phobia by Stepping into Virtual Reality

Most of the children dread their regular visits to the doctor because of the involvement of needles in the treatment. For more than sixty per cent of the children, as per The Clinical Journal of Pain, all around the world have a terrible fear of needles which leads to anxiety attacks when they are taken to the doctors. In many extreme cases, they might even develop aichmophobia, which is a fear for any sharp object. It gets stressful for the parents as they get stuck between the vaccination of their children and their phobia. With modern technology, there is a way to provide relief to the children from their fear.

Take Care of the Health with a Smile
Dr Evelyn Chan, a paediatrician, is of the opinion that the children need to let go of their anxiety at the time of their treatment. She has come up with the idea to create Smileyscope, which is a virtual reality. This will serve the purpose of a distraction for the kids and will divert their attention from the procedure of the needles. Evelyn had asked the children about what they would like to do or see instead of bearing the pain of the needles. This virtual reality will basically give them a way to escape the pain of the procedure by escaping into a virtual world. With the Smileyscope VR headset put on the children, the reality around them will change as they will be transported to an underwater land where they can remain busy with blowing bubbles, feeding the fish or be engaged in many exciting underwater activities.

Smileyscopes are not at all difficult to handle and come with a Google Daydream VR headset and a smartphone. It is up to the doctors to select from short, medium or long experiences depending on the type of the procedure. Smileyscopes are now widely used in around twenty hospitals across the United States and Australia. When Smileyscope had been tested with around two hundred and fifty children, the effectiveness of it showed how it considerably reduced anxiety and pain. Though it was introduced mainly for the needle procedure, doctors have used it different ways, for like anaesthesia/surgery or wound dressings.

Virtual realities mainly have the purpose of distracting the patient from the feeling of the pain. They have no side effects, though occasionally someone may feel nausea. But it is nothing serious and will be cured once the headset is removed.

Why do you see nice graffiti on the ceiling of your dentist’s chamber? When you look up at the time of the treatment, your pain feels lessened because of the distraction. Your brain controls the intensity of the pain that you would feel, and distracting the mind would naturally reduce the intensity of your pain.
Needless to say that your next visit to the doctor will relax you of your pain or anxiety and transport you virtually to a different world altogether.

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