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Get Ready to Explore the Metaverse with Your Unique VR Avatar

Stand out in the crowd with your own digital replica in the web-based metaverse.


Ready Player Me, one of the most popular social VR platforms has recently announced a partnership with 8th Wall. The two companies are coming together to make the metaverse experience more engaging and interesting for the users. To this end, they are partnering to launch a set of exciting tools that will allow users to create their own VR avatars. You can use these custom-built, interactive avatars across a variety of web-based metaverse experiences.

The new tools will also allow developers to design more web-AR experiences compatible with Ready Player Me. To make this happen, the developers need to use a Ready Player Me sample project. It is now available with 8th Wall’s Impressive Project Library, which is an ever-expanding library of stunning AR tools and features. Developers will also be able to use the Ready Player Me sample project to build various Face Effects. Using your computer or smartphone’s front camera, these effects will turn your image into a custom AR avatar. 8th Wall reports that the said software is also capable of tracking your facial expressions and incorporating them into your digital avatar.

Going forward, this technology can also be used for creating new World Effects. If things go as planned, the effects will let you put your custom avatars into the real world using both the front and rear cameras of your smartphone or computer. This feature will be available on both iOS and Android devices, allowing you a more interactive experience as well as a unique photo moment with your digital self.

Insiders have revealed that 8th Wall’s Engine features a unique aspect known as the “Multiversal Deployment”. This feature allows the said World Effects to be delivered to the users as an immersive AR experience via smart glasses and smartphones, as a VR experience while using VR headsets, and as a 3D experience on PCs. With this Metaversal Deployment, developers will also be able to create a webAR experience once and deploy it across various devices. Experts remark that this advantage will significantly increase user adoption as well as reduce development time for the creators, allowing them to invest their efforts and time into other projects.

Once these tools and features are made available for the public, users can easily create their unique 3D avatars. All they need to do is click some selfies using the prebuilt options incorporated into the platform. From there, they can go on to design their digital twins with a variety of customisation options, which include apparel, accessories, and more. Users can also access a number of NFT-based assets that they have collected or purchased on any platform over time.

As soon as you are done with customising your 3D avatar, you can jump right into a wide range of compatible games and apps, including Ready Player Me social VR experience and any webAR experience powered by 8th Wall.

More news on Ready Player Me avatars and 8th Wall tools to come soon.

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