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Geniecast Develops A Virtual Experience For Tech-powered Interactions

Geniecast, a technology company based in St. Louis, has come up with smart virtual technology to initiate remote interactions and accelerated remote learning. It is a development that aims to allow users to interact instantly via real-time, interactive video. The technology can be used to connect physically absent speakers to audiences, during speeches, seminars, and virtual meet-up sessions.

Geniecast founder Keith Alper is also the founder of many different businesses including Vidzu, CPG, Nitrous Effect and Evntiv. He is an Amazon Best Seller author, who keeps pushing innovative boundaries. Alper has made the inputs and knowledge of experts available virtually to anyone and everyone.

Alper came up with the vision for Geniecast during an event many years ago, which he was not able to attend physically. Following this experience, he envisioned a development which would ensure flawless interactive video-based communication between politicians, thought leaders, bestselling authors, change drivers, and their audiences.

Geniecast was founded as a platform to connect with numerous speakers. It is a convenient piece of technology as some of these expert speakers are often unable to attend events in person, or simply cannot be afforded.

The key technology used by Geniecast is known as APiR or Augmented Placement in Real-time. It effectively combines mixed reality and augmented reality (AR) nuances, along with specifically produced live or recorded video content. Due to this, audiences are able to achieve face-to-face interactions with a full-size, life-like image of their chosen experts. Some of the salient features of Geniecast are – registration, metrics of engagement, content management, production and event marketing.

The company has already played host to hundreds of Casts since its foundation. It refers to speakers as ‘genies’. Some notable ‘genies’ so far include famous names like Netflix Chief Talent Officer Patty McCord, Apple Computer Inc. co-founder Steve Wozniak, and Maxine Clark from US-bases retailer Build-a-Bear Workshop.

Geniecast has made available many different topics within its program portfolio. Some of the key aspects being covered include technology, professional and personal development, education, business, society, and culture. Efforts by the company to add more programs and channels are on currently.

Explaining the nature of Geniecast, Alper remarked that it is fundamentally “the Amazon of people”, and considers it to be the biggest interactive cable setup in the world.

Geniecast is instrumental in helping leaders boost their overall exposure to target audiences. Genies who are featured across the platform are present on a contractual basis, with predesignated fee structures in place. – Keith Alper

The process involves audiences using the platform and notifying Geniecast regarding their schedule and time preferences. Accordingly, the company sets the speech schedule to match the expectations of audiences. The entire booking process takes as low as just 18 seconds. Alper highlights that expenses related to speaker appearances can be reduced by almost 80%.

The basic requirements for Genies to tune into sessions are quite simple, with them only needing an uninterrupted Internet connection, a microphone, and a webcam. Geniecast is set to expand further in the near future.


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