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GCC is Likely to Have Region’s First Esports Academy In 2021

Karim Ibrahim, the founder of virtual reality gaming company Robocom VR, is about to bring a huge change in the gaming infrastructure with the first esports academy in GCC. The Company has signed a memorandum of understanding with Al Qana and they’re likely to open PIXEL, the VR gaming complex in 2021.

The decision is likely to be beneficial as the whole GCC gaming market, which worths $129bn per annum, is likely to exceed $821 million next year and one can imagine how beneficial it will be. In response to a question regarding the decision, Karim Ibrahim admitted that this was the ultimate goal he had in his mind and the launch of esports academy will become a remarkable chapter in the gaming environment of the country.

Early Years

Over the years, the company had followed a unique approach to the market that has helped them to stay relevant over the years. While most of their competitors have focused on content and headsets for the consumers, Robocom VR has focused on location-based entertainment. Instead of grabbing attention from individuals, they started grabbing attention from bigger entities and that helped them. The founder added that their unique approach had helped to stay ahead of the market and now the results have been revealed.


Although the move indicates potential opportunities in the gaming world, there are a few misconceptions as well. Some people have even compared it to massive sports events on the planet, which reveals its scale, and it is really awesome. In reference to the misconception, Ibrahim said that drinking energy drinks and playing games don’t make an individual an esports player overnight. Apart from acquiring the skills, one needs to have content creation skills to draw global attention from like-minded people.

Suitable Scenario

When the founder was questioned about his aim, he said that he wished to see the Middle East on the map of esports and that thought helped him to take this move. The esports environment will develop talents in the country and they will be sent to competitions for battling against international teams and boost the regional esports scene. He also added that the esports academy won’t be just another internet café and it will be a professional establishment, which will focus on professional achievements. With the increasing demand for competitive gaming, GCC owns a suitable environment and it shows a ray of hope to Robocom VR. Earlier, Ibrahim had taken a major risk with a tech-company but he was successful to win projects in the US, UAE, and Turkey. Despite the smooth operation, the Beirut Blast had destroyed the business and presently he is working on fixing all the things.

The founder is still optimistic about investing in an office in Dubai and he is working hard to make his dream come true. He has the vision to bring a huge change in the GCC with an esports environment that he calls Oasis circle and if everything goes according to the plan, there will be a day when people will interact and socialize by participating in such location-based games.

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