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FundamentalVR Introduces Haptic Feedback-Powered Surgery Training Simulation for Med Students and Professionals

FundamentalVR, one of the leading VR tech innovators today, has been long commended for its cutting-edge virtual reality solutions for different industries. The most celebrated innovation from FundamentalVR has been the surgery training platform that helps medical students and professionals practice surgical techniques and procedures under simulated environments using virtual reality. However, the tech company aims to add more advanced technologies and the dimension of realism to the platform, and continues to upgrade the technology to provide better surgery simulation.

As a result of its relentless effort for improvement, FundamentalVR has recently unveiled further upgrades and more details about the surgery training simulation. Now, the platform uses haptic feedback to show surgical residents and doctors how to perform surgeries. The aim of the upgrade, as per FundementlVR’s official press release, is to come up with alternative methods of medical education so that students don’t have to learn surgery by carving up cadavers anymore.

Cutting-edge technology

Featuring a host of updates in their existing surgery training VR platform, FundamentalVR has introduced a bunch of cutting-edge technologies in its updated version. Now, it leverages high-fidelity graphics, haptic feedback, and 3D spatial technology. The full-force feedback kinesthetic haptics, however, is the most prominent technical improvement of this training VR platform. It gives surgeons the ability to get instant touch feedback when they interact with soft tissues of a virtual body and enables them to feel and the texture and anatomy of the body as well as subsequently manipulate its different elements within the OR environment.

The insights of surgical specialists

The augmented soft tissue feature is part of FundamentalVR’s five-year clinical and technological journey that is a result of the hard work and innovation of its R&D team. They have worked closely with expert medical educators and surgeons from all around the world, drawing on the necessary resources and expertise to realize the vision. The team has also leveraged the insights of surgical specialists from the field of advanced surgery and spatial technology at the Mayo Clinic.

Deeper than it appears

The impact of soft tissue capabilities, according to the developers of FundamentalVR, is deeper than it appears. The development seemingly allows the training platform to deliver improved and unmatched solutions for different simulations across a wide range of medical procedures, including orthopedics, ophthalmology, and many other interventional capabilities.

Step forward

Richard Vincent, the CEO of FundamentalVR remarked that the enhancement of the surgical training platform marks a step forward in the direction of accelerating medical learning in a wide range of surgical procedures and techniques that will potentially build the confidence and capabilities of medical students going ahead in the future. He also stated that the platform has the capability of transforming medical learning into a cost-effective and safe methodology, giving learners more control, fidelity, and visual interaction compared to wet labs or even practicing on actual cadavers.

The new surgical training VR platform could profoundly change the way immersive technology is used in surgical education. Going ahead, the technology will empower medical practitioners to gather more finesse and build more muscle memory for critical surgical procedures.


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